4 Best Things About Full Service Car Detailing

Nothing makes car enthusiasts happier than treating their car to a full-service car detailing. If you’re one of those people who treat their car like their baby, you may have performed a ton of research on car care services. You may look up car detailing services near me and choose only from the most trusted and professional car wash and detailing centres for your car.

If you need a deeper insight into what goes down at a professional car care shop, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve narrowed it down to the 4 best things your car can get when you opt for specialised treatments. Understand the process of car detailing and go through our curated guide to make an informed decision.

What is Car Detailing?

Before we get into the technicalities, you must know the concept of car detailing. A full-service car detailing is not only associated with a shiny looking car, but also with the protection of your car. Professional services offer an extensive cleaning and restoration of your car to protect it against the environmental elements and increase its lifespan.

Now that we’ve explained the basic concept, let’s take a look at the best services that are offered to your car during a detailed cleaning.

  1. Cleaning and Protecting the Exteriors

The main exteriors of your car include the paintwork and the trim. The paint of your car goes through a 3-step process to achieve that brand-new look. Firstly, it is thoroughly washed, shampooed and dried to remove any dust and grime from the car. Second, is the application of the clay bar. A clay bar is used to rid your car’s exterior from environmental pollutants like dirt, brake dust, bird droppings, tar and industrial fallout. The third step takes care of waxing and polishing. The paint is polished to remove swirl marks and minor scratches. The polish is sealed in with a wax to give your car a shiny and attractive look.

Before the polishing and waxing, the trim of your car needs to be protected. The plastic and chrome trim use different techniques of care and maintenance. The wax and polish can stain the plastic and damage it. Use a restoring product to protect it from chemicals, abrasion and grime. It also increases the trim’s lifespan by preventing it from cracking or fading. A professional car wash and detailing service centre will take care of all these steps to make your car look new as ever.

  1. Taking Care of the Exterior Accessories

While the paintwork makes a visible difference in detail, taking care of essential exterior accessories like glass surfaces, chassis, wheels, headlights and taillights are equally important to improve car safety. Glass surfaces are washed from both sides for a crystal-clear look. They also scrape out any debris stuck at the top of the windows to avoid streaky windows.

The chassis and undercarriage of your car also require to be cleaned carefully. Along with this, they also clean out all the suspension mechanisms like anti-roll bars and control bars. Finally, the surrounding plastic splash guards, inner fenders and inside of the wheel wells are covered with a protectant to enhance their lustre for a spotless finish.

The headlights and taillights are important for the driver’s safety. Spoiled or dim lights can impair vision at night and cause fatal accidents. If the headlights and taillights show signs of oxidation, they are coated with a polishing compound and sealed with a plastic sealant to restore their shine. Look up car detailing services near me for proper cleaning and restoration of headlights. Make sure that they use genuine 3M car care products for headlights restoration.

  1. Looking After the Interior Detailing

Interior car detailing includes an exhaustive cleaning of your floor carpets, car seats and a wiping down of all the parts to remove contaminants like dust and dirt that may have accumulated over time. The floor carpets are washed, cleaned and dried to give your car new-looking mats. The seats are cleaned, shampooed or steam-cleaned to breathe life back into them. The car is thoroughly vacuumed to clean any food or trash that may have fallen and gotten under the seats. All plastic and vinyl interiors are cleaned, and leather is conditioned to add sheen and lustre. Several companies clean the inside of the trunk as well.

  1. Checking the Engines

Not only do you get a shiny, clean car in return, but also a better functioning one. They do an in-depth diagnosis of your engines to give you back a car that runs better and that lasts longer. They repair and replace worn-out parts and gears for better mileage and smoother functioning. The plastic, rubber and silicone components are dressed with protectant to prevent cracking. The engine bay, too, is cleaned with a degreaser.

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