4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Service Provider to Install a New Car Battery in Chennai!

Car Battery in Chennai

The battery of a car is the powerhouse and needs maintenance for the long life of your vehicle. However, even with a regular maintenance schedule, the battery can only last for around 4-5 years. Additionally, you might need to start searching for a new car battery in Chennai or other humid areas after three years as humidity can impact its lifespan. 

If any of the following symptoms appear, replace the battery to prevent it from damaging your vehicle’s electrical system. This article will discuss things to consider when looking for a new car battery in Chennai, so read on to find some valuable guidelines about finding a new car battery in Chennai.

STEP 1: Identifying the need to change your car battery

You need to identify the telltale signs of a weakening battery that can prompt you to look for a new car battery in Chennai. One sign of a weakening battery is when the battery is not able to hold an adequate charge. The following are a few other signs that are an indication of a weakening battery:

  • The engine either takes a long time to start or does not start at all. The battery is unable to generate enough power to start the engine.
  • When you turn on the ignition, the dash lights either flicker or become dark.
  • The engine abruptly shuts down when running the power windows, or the windows run at a significantly slower rate than usual.
  • Another warning is dim dash lights while the engine is idle, which become brighter as the engine is revved.
  • A lot of corrosion visible on the battery terminals is another telltale indication that the car battery is running low.
  • Modern vehicles have a battery warning light that illuminates when the battery is low.

STEP 2: Checking the battery for low performance or capacity

While looking for a new car battery in Chennai, you must check the battery for low performance or capacity to confirm your need for a new car battery in Chennai.  

If you feel that your car’s battery might be weakening, you can do the following to make sure that you do need a new car battery in Chennai. 

  • Almost every car service center has a battery tester or a multimeter. You can quickly test battery capacity using these two instruments.
  • If the multimeter displays a reading of fewer than 11 volts, it’s time to replace the battery.

STEP 3: Choosing the correct service provider for a new car battery in Chennai

Choosing the best service provider for a new car battery in Chennai can be a tricky business. You should consider the following factors while looking for a new car battery in Chennai:

  • The service provider you choose should be available throughout the city.
  • While looking for a new car battery in Chennai, ensure that your service provider gives on-location services throughout the city in case you get stranded somewhere. 
  • You should ensure that the service provider you choose for replacing your old battery with a new car battery in Chennai must follow every safety standard.
  • Your service provider should have prompt and efficient customer care service.
  • When you get a new car battery in Chennai, only choose a service provider who uses high-quality batteries and provides warranties.
  • Choose a service provider who uses batteries that match the Original Equipment Manufacturer for your car as they will be the best fit.
  • Any service provider for a new car battery in Chennai must provide all relevant details about the product used in your car before booking and payment is made.
  • Your service provider must also recognise his responsibility towards the environment and get rid of old batteries responsibly.

STEP 4: Caring for the battery after replacement

You must make note of the following things to ensure that the battery of your car has a prolonged life:

  • Make sure that both the terminals are tightly fastened to ensure that there are no leaking charges.
  • To prevent the oxidation of terminals, clean them regularly with a baking soda and water solution.
  • Avoid short rides as they reduce the life of your car battery.
  • You should check your battery voltage once a month to ensure optimum voltage.
  • You should never leave the car unused for long periods.
  • Double-check that all the lights of your car are turned off before you exit the vehicle.

The average cost of a new car battery in Chennai!

New Car Battery Cost in Chennai

The cost of the battery varies as per your car model. It is also determined by the year of your car. However, in India, the battery cost can range between Rs. 3,000 and 10,000, or even more if your vehicle has a particular battery or is a mild hybrid.

Final thoughts

Getting a new car battery in Chennai or any other city can be a tedious task. You must select a competent service provider to obtain the best results.

At AIS Car Fit Experts, we not only specialise in any service pertaining to a new car battery in Chennai, but we also pay special attention to the guidelines mentioned above. We also make efforts to guide our customers on how to take good care of their car batteries. So rest assured that you’ll end up receiving the best service when you contact us for a new car battery in Chennai.


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