5 Car Battery Problems That Need to be Fixed Immediately

Picture an exciting road trip; now picture that road trip being ruined just because your car won’t start. But, that’s not it; picture such a scenario taking place in the middle of nowhere! Not something you’d ever want, right? Well, a car that won’t start is more often than not, a sign of battery problems; and such glitches in battery performance are surprisingly common. This guide will educate you on the five most common battery problems and what you can do to prevent them.

Problem #1 Faulty Connection

Just like any other battery, your car battery also has two terminals – one positive and the other negative. There are cables that are attached to each of these ports that run from your battery to the starter for current supply. However, sometimes the bolts that connect the ports to the cables can become loose, and the connection can break. If this happens, your car won’t start at all as no electricity will be supplied from your battery to the starter. If your vehicle won’t start, make sure to check the battery connections.

Problem #2 Corrosion

Corrosion can interfere with the battery terminals’ ability to transfer electric current. This is due to less metal-to-metal contact. This results in the car battery working harder to compensate, and this extra work can weaken it. If you are having battery troubles, check your ports and terminals to see if they are corroded. If you notice any powdery white or bluish-green gunk then immediately clean it with the help of a brush. Checking your battery for corrosion and keeping the battery terminals clean is essential for a well-functioning battery. If the corrosion has eaten too deep into the terminals or the battery has been suffering from corrosion for a long time, then you need to get it replaced with a new car battery immediately.

Problem #3 Old Age

On an average, a car battery’s life is anywhere between three to five years, depending on its make – is it OEM-grade, high-performance, etc.? It is important for you to have your car’s battery checked on a periodic basis, especially after the six-month mark. Routine checks make it easier to identify issues early on; if needs be, you can get a new car battery and avoid putting your vehicle’s health in jeopardy.

Problem #4 Low Battery Fluid Level

The scorching, dry heat of summers can lead to quick drainage of the battery fluid or electrolyte solution; as a result, the battery will take more time to charge and not hold a charge for too long. Car batteries generally have a transparent casing so that you can always keep a check on the battery’s fluid level. The fluid level should not be below the lead plates where the energy conductors are located. If the fluid level is below these lead plates, get your battery and the charging system tested at the earliest.

Problem #5 Swollen Car Battery

If you pop the hood of your car and find the battery case bloated and out of proportion, call a car-care service provider immediately! A swollen battery case is no trivial matter. This phenomenon occurs when the battery is overcharged; the excessive heat and hydrogen gas build-up becomes too overwhelming for the battery to dissipate, causing the outer casing to warp and get out-of-shape.

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