5 Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know about Car Battery

The car battery is the heart and soul of your car. Are you wondering why? It is because the battery is the powerhouse that stores all the electricity that is used to crank up the car engine and power all other electrical components. Even though the battery plays an essential role in the smooth running of the car, yet most drivers don’t know much about car batteries except blaming them for every other car trouble. A new driver should be well informed about their vehicle and the battery, which though is not visible to you, is the most crucial component.

Some Lesser-Known Facts about Car Batteries

As the car battery plays a vital role in your vehicle, here are some facts that you must know about it along with some that you probably didn’t know before.

Weather Can Affect the Car Battery

Did you know that weather affects the performance of your car battery? This happens especially in regions that are extremely cold or even in extremely hot places. The cause for this phenomenon is that the liquid electrolyte that holds the charge gets affected by extremely hot or cold temperatures. Thus, the electrolytes can freeze in colder weather and evaporate in the heat, limiting its ability to hold a charge and provide full power to the engine. Therefore, it is suggested that you invest in a high-quality weatherproof battery that can work under extreme temperature conditions.

Tap Water Can Damage Your Battery

If you think that using tap water to refill the battery is no big deal, then think again. Tap water contains dissolved minerals that could react with the electrolytes, thereby affecting the performance of your car battery. It can be used in times of emergency when you have no alternative, but if used too many times, it can shorten the life of your battery over time. On the other hand, distilled or deionized water is free from additional minerals, and thus, it is recommended to replenish your car battery with distilled water only.

Batteries Can be Recycled

Yes, you read that, right! Even though Electrical Vehicle (EV) battery waste recycling is still in its initial stages in India, we have now embraced E-waste recycling to some extent. The process of recycling a car battery can help recover almost half the metals that include aluminium, copper, cobalt, manganese, nickel, and lithium, which can be further used in secondary applications. Many countries are recycling E-waste in an attempt to protect the environment from the negative impact of batteries and accumulators. This is an excellent step towards greener and cleaner vehicles, and hopefully, more and more vehicle batteries will be recycled in the future.

Long Drives are Good for Battery Life

One simple point that a driver must remember is that a vehicle needs to be driven regularly and for a considerable distance for the car battery to recharge properly. This means that you cannot leave your car in the shed for six months without driving it and then expect it to be in perfect condition for a long trip. Ideally, you should take out your car at least twice every month and drive for 30 minutes or more to recharge the battery, or else the battery would discharge its power. Regular longer runs can actually double the life of your car battery.

It is Not Always the Battery’s Fault

We are quick in assuming that if there is some trouble with starting the car, then the culprit has to be the car battery. Well, we’ll have to burst that bubble for you because that is not always the case. According to professional mechanics, failing alternators or worn-out spark plugs or clogged fuel injectors or corroded terminals can also be the cause behind your car not starting. Basically, there can be numerous other factors behind the fact that your car engine is not roaring up even after repeated attempts at starting it. Therefore, it is not always the car battery that is at fault when your car doesn’t start.

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