5 Features of Amaron Car Battery That Everyone Should Know

Amaron is a brand that needs no introduction. On Indian roads, one in every three cars has an Amaron battery – thanks to its high-performing features and innovative manufacturing technology.

In 2000, when Amaron first launched its maintenance-free batteries, the Indian automotive market transformed for the better. Equipped with style and great power, Amaron batteries delivered international quality at reasonable prices; a feat unheard of in India’s automobile sector.

Presently, Amaron manufactures these five types of batteries for different car models – Amaron Pro, Amaron Flo, Amaron Go, Amaron Black, and Amaron Fresh.

Designed with advanced technology and hi-tech performance, Amaron batteries are setting the standards for the Indian automotive market. Given below are five standout features of Amaron batteries that everyone should know.

Sturdy, Robust Design

Amaron’s tagline – “Silver Inside, for longer life,” sums up the sturdy, robust designs of Amaron batteries. It is the only battery in India that contains the patented SilvenX alloy to make it last a long, long time.

Thanks to its superior manufacturing, Amaron battery can withstand extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold and resist vibrations to perform well, regardless of the road conditions. They can last for about 3-5 years on an average.

Greater Cranking Power

Nobody likes slow cranks! When you turn the key for ignition, the engine should roar to life. And with Amaron battery, it does. To ensure high-starting performance, Amaron batteries come with a high Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) rating i.e. it has a greater ability to start an engine under freezing temperatures.

It does not matter how long your car remained unused, an Amaron battery can start the engine all the same.

High Reserve Capacity

Reserve Capacity (RC) determines the ability of a fully charged battery to keep the engine running in case the alternator malfunctions, and till it discharges completely – so, higher the RC, the better.

Amaron batteries come with a high Reserve Capacity to ensure that your car sustains power for a longer time during sudden operational failures with the alternator or fan belt.

Longest Warranty Period

In the Indian automotive market, Amaron was the first brand (still is) to provide the longest warranty period – some batteries have a warranty period for up to 36 months!

If your Amaron battery dies during the warranty period, you can claim a car battery replacement using your warranty card. Amaron assures a smooth and hassle-free installation process for all battery replacements.

Zero-Maintenance Needs

Backed with cutting-edge manufacturing technology, Amaron batteries are maintenance-free. This is because, unlike the standard wet cell batteries, Amaron batteries come with a sealed body that does not require periodic distilled water topping, thus, eliminating the chances of spilling accidents.

Nonetheless, they do require minimal care to keep away dust, corrosion, or grime that accumulates on the battery case, over time.

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