5 Secrets to Make Your Car Exterior Detailing Look Amazing

Got a new paint job on your car? Replaced your old wheels with shiny chrome detailing? Or just bought a new car that you are in love with? Either way, if you treat your car like it’s your dear one, you’ve come to the perfect place.

We know how heart-breaking it is to see a scratch on that classic paint job or watch the wheels get coated in mud after a long day of driving. Here we reveal the top 5 secrets to keep your car exterior detailing looking as good as new.

  1. Wash Your Car the Right Way

Always park your car in the shade and wash your car in a sheltered area to protect it from damage. This also helps protect your wiper blades from extreme heat. Wash glass surfaces both from the inside and the outside for a crystal-clear look.

When washing your car, use two buckets – one with soapy water and one without. Shampoo the exterior every fortnight to keep the paintwork looking brand new. If you’re getting back from a long journey, search for car detailing near me for a thorough car wash.

  1. Cleaning and Drying the Car

Always use car soap to clean your car as other soaps can dull your car’s shine. Start with cleaning the hood of your car. Scrape out the debris from the windows and underneath the wiper blades. An old cleaning rag can leave scratches all over your new car. Always use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe off the excess water. Do not let your car air dry as the surface will develop water stains. If you can’t find the time to clean your car, search for car interior cleaning me to give your car the special treatment it needs.

  1. Always Apply Wax Correctly

If your car has a plastic trim, it requires different maintenance than the body. Waxes and polishes can damage the plastic. Treat your trims with a restorer before waxing and polishing the paintwork. Check the surface for dirt with a plastic bag before sealing in the wax. Once it’s free of all debris, use a power buffer to apply the wax. This avoids burning the paint and gives you an even, clear coat of wax. Use a soft, dry towel to remove the excess wax.

  1. Polishing is Key

Invest in a dual action polisher to get the best results. This motorised polisher removes old wax layers, irons out abrasions and creates a smooth, even finish for an ever-lasting shine. Its forced rotation feature gives outstanding results but can be risky in the hands of an amateur. If you’re worried about doing more harm than good, look up car detailing near me and get a professional job done on your car.

  1. Invest in a Clay Bar System

Clay has been used since decades to remove surface contaminants i.e. bird droppings, dirt, brake dust, road salt, fallout and other pollutants that destroy your paintwork. Invest in a clay bar system to extend the life of your car’s waxing and polishing treatments without damaging the paint. A clay bar system consists of a spray lubricant with a detailing spray, an 80-100 gram clay bar and a towel to get rid of environmental contaminants.

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