5 Ways to Improve Car Headlight Beam

Do you live in areas with extreme fog or perhaps you’re travelling in an area at night with no street lights? Irrespective of your purpose, headlights are an irreplaceable feature in your car. Be it day or night, a failure to use headlights can result in fatal accidents.

If you notice your headlight becoming dimmer by the day, you may be dealing with a dying car battery. In such situations, you should look up car battery service. Find a trusted car repair company and get your battery replaced immediately to avoid any accidents.

If you have an older car model, you may be stuck with sealed beam headlights which are naturally dim. If you’re not looking to replace your car, it’s in your best interest to replace or improve the headlight beam of your car.

Here are the top 5 ways to improve car headlight beam for safe driving.

  1. Replacing Worn-out Capsules

You may think that headlight capsules work normally until they suddenly burn out, but this is far from the truth. As a matter of fact, some headlights lose around 70% of their intensity before they give out. Some may turn yellow while some simply keep getting dimmer. Search for car battery service near me to identify the source of the dimming headlights.

Replace your worn-out capsules for a brighter headlight beam. It’s an easy process that can be done at home. When doing so, always replace the capsules in pairs to avoid unequal beam patterns as it can distract you and become a safety hazard.

  1. Install External Driving Lights

Purchasing additional lights is a great way to improve your headlight beam whilst upgrading your car’s safety level. These additional fittings to the car’s body can help you see clearer and drive better in areas with unlit streets. If you live in areas where you need to go off-roading, installing external features like fog lights or high-intensity beams can be a good fix.

However, keep in mind that these fixtures require you to drill into the car’s body which can lead to corrosion in moisture-rich environments. Another pro tip before installing these external lights is to check whether your car’s battery can handle the load of the lights. If not, they may require another relay setup.

  1. Upgrading Your Existing Capsules

If your current headlights are relatively new but not up to the mark, you can choose the easy way out and go for a direct-replacement upgrade. The good part about these drop-in upgrades is that these replacement capsules are of the same size, shape and lighting technology of the original headlight bulbs. Just as you do when replacing headlights, upgrading capsules must also be done in pairs of two.

These upgraded versions have the same power requirements and gel perfectly with the existing headlight setup to create the same beam pattern and ensure that the brightness is the only difference. Some capsule upgrades are 80% brighter than your brand-new headlights. However, the only drawback associated with brighter headlights is their relatively shorter lifespans.

  1. Clean, Restore and Replace Headlight Lens

Sometimes, your headlights can start looking hazy and lose their beam pattern. It is usually because of the build-up underneath the headlight lens. Restoring headlights make them look cleaner and brighter without replacing the bulbs. You can further amplify the light by replacing the existing enclosures with ones that have more reflective properties.

Although not as easy as replacing the capsules, this can be done at home too. You can recondition the lens with the help of a restoration kit. Look for the best headlight cleaner near you and choose the car cleaning kit combo to get all the servicing done at one go and avoid frequent trips to the repair shop.

  1. Upgrade to LED or HID Headlights

LED lights are brighter than the factory halogen bulbs and even last longer. Opt for direct replacement LED headlights so that it is supported by your existing headlight assemblies. However, not every LED capsule works well with the current headlight assemblies. Even when an LED capsule matches the halogen capsule, it can reflect differently and change the beam pattern. When getting your headlights upgraded at a repair shop, choose the car cleaning kit combo for a complete package.

HID lights are also a lot brighter than the factory-installed halogen bulbs. However, the drawback of HID headlights is that they don’t have drop-in upgrades. Your car may require quite a bit of electrical rewiring along with the replacement of the existing headlight assemblies. You can find a loophole around this and replace your headlight assemblies with projectors to create a sharp beam pattern.

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