5 Ways to Protect Yourself While Getting Your Car Serviced During COVID-19

It is no secret that the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has temporarily altered the way people lived their personal and professional lives, all over the world. However, some things such as medical emergencies, technical maintenances or car servicing are inevitable and cannot be ignored even in the toughest of times. If overlooked, car-related malfunctions not only have the potential to damage your vehicle’s system but can also cause life-threatening disasters.

Suppose you have to take your car to a service centre but are worried sick about the coronavirus prevention strategies. In such a case, you should search ‘car wash near me prices online’ to make sure you get a cost-effective solution at a place that follows all physical distancing guidelines.

But before making your way to the service centre, you must know of these five ways to protect yourself while getting your car serviced during COVID-19.

Don’t Ignore CDC Guidelines

Wear your essentials! Face masks, and gloves have become irreplaceable and helpful during this pandemic. You won’t be helping only yourself, but also others around you. Additionally, call the car service company and make sure they are thorough with their prevention procedures as well.

Your optimal option would be Car Fit Experts who provide impeccable service with attention to precautions.

Also, try searching “car wash near me prices” to avoid going long distances at the risk of exposing yourself.

Maintain Distance

Maintaining a distance of at least one meter while out in public is ideal for keeping you safe from the Covid-19 virus. Keep this mind when you are at your car service centre as well.

If you belong to any of the higher risk groups, for example, being over 70, pregnant, suffering from previous medical conditions, and have been told to stay at home for 12 weeks, don’t go out. You can also search for a car care provider that offers pick-up and delivery after servicing like AIS Car Fit Experts.

Sanitize Hands and Face

One of the precautionary measures to surely keep you safe is washing and sanitizing your hands and face. A minimum of 20 seconds is all you need to wash your hands before you leave that house and right after you return. And, always remember to carry a sanitizer.

When at the service centre, do not touch your nose, mouth or eyes. Suppose you need to scratch your nose, wash or sanitize your hands before doing so. It would be even better if you use gloves because of their disposable nature.

Minimize Exposure

Before you make a run to the service centre, talk to a rep over the phone to figure out the price range and other COVID-19 related protocols. Car Fit Experts can provide you with professionals who understand these measures and will adhere to them at all cost. One cannot stress this enough, but do not touch anything around the place. You couldn’t possibly know what else has come in contact with the surface, and it is relatively safe to stay away.

You have to also keep in mind that it’s better to go out once instead of twice. Meaning, if your car needs additional services or repairs, try to schedule all of these for the same appointment, in return, helping limit your exposure. To balance this, search car wash near me prices and if one service centre can clean as well as repair your vehicle.

Choose Cautiously

As mentioned earlier, maintaining and following all these protocols to safeguard your health and wellness is vital during this pandemic. Check car wash services near me prices to make sure that the auto care service is close by, affordable and follows the preventive measures necessitated by the government to keep their customers as well as employees protected. Ask about the schedule of the service centre and avoid scheduling appointments for days with a lot of bookings.

Select a service which provides online bank transactions, such as UPI, for contactless payments. If you still want to avoid contact entirely, you can choose a trusting service centre where you can leave your car and keys. Car Fit Experts reassures you that your vehicle will be in good hands and that you don’t have to break a sweat.

Car Fit Experts have 80+ centres across 40+ cities for you to choose from. With products and services available at reasonable rates, high-quality performance and professionalism, they are a complete one-stop auto care solution to better your experience with your car.