6 Advantages of Amaron Car Battery

Your car battery is not just a component that sits under the hood. It powers a variety of parts and features in your car – the horn, the music system, headlights, the heating/cooling system, taillights, fog lights, etc. Hence, it is essential to use a good quality battery that keeps your car and performance in good shape.

While the market is flooded with brands and variants, you can only enjoy superior performance with a reputed brand. Amaron is one such player in the car battery segment that never disappoints and is known for the top-notch quality it delivers. The batteries are manufactured using cutting-edge technology and have a high-performance quotient. What’s more, you can choose from an array of Amaron car battery variants – Amaron Go, Amaron Fresh, Amaron Black, Amaron Pro, and Amaron Flo.

But, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are top 6 advantages you enjoy when you purchase an Amaron car battery.


  1. Minimal Maintenance

Unlike a traditional car battery, an Amaron car battery involves minimal to no maintenance. Often, cheaper products require regular electrolyte replenishment. However, Amaron’s products leave the factory with a full charge and require no top-ups due to their exceptional design and manufacturing. Although, you do need to clean the battery from time to time, so that corrosion and dirt do not collect on it.


  1. Longevity

Amaron car batteries are manufactured using the cutting-edge SilvenX Alloy Technology that ensures a long span of life. Due to this advanced technology, which is also patented by Amaron, the battery undergoes minimal wear and tear even under extreme temperatures and terrain conditions. Naturally, these batteries are not just powerful but also extremely durable.


  1. Highest Reserve Capacity

Reserve Capacity is a measure to calculate the amount of time a fully charged battery will run if the alternator fails to function and the battery has to supply power. The higher the reserve capacity, the better the quality of the product and the safer your driving experience. Batteries with low reserve capacities along with low cranking powers get discharged quickly. An Amaron car battery has a high reserve capacity with a phenomenal cranking power. Thus, this is an investment that will last you a lifetime.


  1. Great Cranking Power

Cold Cranking Amps or CCA rating measures a car battery’s capability to power the car engine when the weather is cold. If the CCA rating of a car battery is high, it means the starting power of the battery is high. With an Amaron car battery, you get a high CCA rating. It implies that you won’t face any issue with turning on the ignition of the car even if the temperature is really low. Especially if you live in a cold climate, Amaron’s incredible CCA rating is incredibly useful for your daily commute.


  1. Smooth Customer Experience

Amaron is a brand committed to serving its customers and hence, your journey with your Amaron car battery doesn’t end with your purchase. If you’ve purchased the battery from Car Fit Experts, you can easily, get in touch with us for after-sales support and queries. Be it any issue you’re facing with your Amaron car battery, you simply have to call us at +91 9555305044 and we’ll come to your doorstep to inspect it!


  1. Damage Protection and Safety

Since Amaron car batteries are a top-quality product, there are no accidental blasts or physical damages to the vehicle, unlike what may happen with sub-standard products. This makes these batteries enormously safe for use. Their high heat tolerance and vibration resistance features also add to the safety aspect.


Summing up

Choosing a car battery for your vehicle can get confusing due to the number of choices that are available in the market today. Also, considering the price point, you might feel tempted to opt for the cheaper one. But, you should remember that with price comes quality. An Amaron car battery is the best product available in the market when it comes to performance and durability. It performs exceptionally well and is durable too, which makes it an attractive buy.

To buy an Amaron car battery, turn to Car Fit Experts – the biggest car care providers in India. You can purchase car batteries from leading brands both online as well as from our physical stores.

Car Fit Experts has a vast network spanning across the country. This means you can avail of our services and purchase the best battery brands from anywhere in India. Our highly proficient technicians offer excellent after-sales support and tackle any issues you may have. You can either visit our service centre or head over to our website for bookings and door-step services.

So, without waiting, contact us today!


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