Amaron: A Zero-Maintenance Car Battery

Automotive batteries are essential for engine start-up and the optimal functioning of the vehicle’s electrical components. Due to their importance in the functioning of your car, intense research and innovation have gone into their construction. Through the ages, automotive batteries have evolved to incorporate powerful technologies that make them easier to handle and high-performance.

One of the most revolutionary automotive battery types is the Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery (VRLA), also commonly known as a maintenance-free battery or zero-maintenance battery. In India, Amaron manufactures world-class zero-maintenance batteries. Besides being high-performance, their most significant advantage is that they require minimal care. Read on to find out some exciting details about Amaron’s maintenance-free batteries.

The Basics of Zero-Maintenance Automotive Batteries

If you have ever owned a wet cell (traditional) car battery, you must be familiar with replenishing the electrolyte by adding distilled water to your car battery. Seeing the hassle, such maintenance involves maintenance-free batteries that require zero electrolyte top-up was invented.

The distinguishing feature of a zero-maintenance battery is its sealed body. While traditional automotive batteries come with removable caps, zero-maintenance car batteries contain a pressure valve. They cannot be opened time and again and must be dumped once they are dead. Unlike traditional cells, VRLA (Valve-Regulated Lead Acid) batteries usually have electrodes made of a mixture of calcium and lead.

In the Absorbed Glass Mat variant of VRLA batteries, the electrolyte is contained within thinly woven glass fibres. This network of fibres increases the surface area for the electrolyte allowing it to last until the battery dies.

In a gel cell maintenance-free battery, gases that form during charge and discharge recombine within the battery body to become water. This ensures the presence of sufficient electrolyte in the battery for a lifetime. Gel cell batteries have a jellified electrolyte that consists of a mixture of fumed silica and sulfuric acid. These batteries do not need to maintain their upright position.

Why You Should Switch to Zero-Maintenance Automotive Batteries

Maintenance-free car batteries come with several advantages –


Zero-Maintenance car batteries display better self-discharging characteristics in varied temperature ranges. The lower self-discharge rate mainly promotes the longevity of such car batteries. Maintenance-free batteries show increased resistance to vibration and shock. This makes them immune to bumpy rides, thereby keeping them healthy regardless of the driving terrain.

Quick Engine Start-up

It is common for car owners to face troubles while starting their cars after leaving them parked for long hours. This problem worsens in cold weather. Traditional car batteries do not always provide the adequate power needed by engines in cold temperatures. Maintenance-free cells, on the other hand, usually have higher cold cranking amps, which allow them to provide quick engine start-up. The reduced internal resistance of the calcium-alloy further enables the delivery of higher current.

Damage Protection

In traditional wet cell batteries, electrolyte leakage is a common cause of corrosion and subsequent battery death. Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid car batteries experience reduced electrolyte evaporation and spillage, thereby staying free of corrosion. The calcium electrodes and gel technology further reduce gasification and prevent battery swelling, also promoting safety in the process.

Driver Safety

Since VRLA batteries do not require constant maintenance, there is no need for drivers to come in contact with the electrolyte or disconnect battery terminals. This feature prevents mishaps, especially for car owners who are not familiar with the wiring of the battery. VRLA batteries are also less likely to suffer physical damage or blasts, making them extremely safe.

If you own a high-performance car that is compatible with a zero-maintenance battery, do not hesitate to invest in a proper maintenance-free cell. This will not only reduce the time you spend attending to your car battery but will also enhance the performance of your vehicle.

The Amaron Advantage

Amaron is a leading battery manufacturer in India. Amaron’s technicians understand the need to match the pace of the technologically advancing world. As a testament to their vision, Amaron’s zero-maintenance car batteries come with numerous features –

  • High Cranking Power
  • High Heat Tolerance
  • Vibration-Resistance
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Long-Lasting
  • High Reserve Capacity.’
  • Factory-Charged-Ready-to-Use-Batteries

Amaron batteries are unique in their construction since they contain traces of silver in the form of patented Silvenx alloy. They are robust, durable, and perfect for high-performance vehicles.

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