Amaron Car Battery Quality Maintenance: 5 Tips

Car batteries are vital for turning on your engine and keeping other electrical systems of your car intact. They act as a powerhouse for your car without which your car cannot function. Car batteries are available in several variants. Amaron is the leading automotive battery manufacturing company in India. Amaron car batteries are well-known for being highly optimised, impressive performance, and reasonable costs. Moreover, you can easily purchase Amaron battery online for a hassle-free purchase. However, you need to follow some essential tips to maintain the health of your Amaron car battery.

Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Amaron Car Battery

Follow the below-mentioned tips to take care of your Amaron car battery –

Clean terminals Regularly

Many car owners believe that car batteries do not require to be cleaned regularly. While this might be true for the body of the car battery, terminals and wires do need occasional attendance to function correctly. To clean your car battery terminals, you can use water and baking soda. Firstly, disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery by turning its bolt anti-clockwise and pulling up the point. Repeat this with the positive terminal after you are done removing the negative terminal. Take special precautions to ensure that the two wires do not touch any metal component of the car once you disconnect them. Use a 1:1 mixture of water and baking soda to clean the terminals gently using a hard-bristled brush. Once you are done cleaning, wipe the tray and the battery body with a slightly wet cloth. For reconnecting the terminals, always connect the positive one first.

Use Corrosion Spray

Some car owners leave their battery terminals uncoated after giving them a thorough clean. This practice leads to increased corrosion of the terminals and is harmful to your car’s battery. Always spray your battery’s terminals with a corrosion spray or rub Vaseline on them to prevent corrosion. Remember that you have to use the spray only after the terminals have been appropriately secured.

Tighten Hold-Down Clamp

Every car is subjected to bumpy roads at some point or the other. To prevent the battery from jumping around under the hood and damaging itself, all car manufacturers must equip battery trays with a hold-down clamp. This clamp keeps the battery away from vibrational damage. There may be cases when your car’s hold-down clamp is either loose or damaged. For loose hold-down clamps, you can quickly tighten the bolts located on the top of the bar like a clamp. However, if you notice that there is considerable damage to the hold-down clamp, which, in turn, has damaged your car battery, get them both replaced without delay.

Prevent Damage from Cold

Cars that operate in cold weather frequently suffer battery death. This is because the electrolyte freezes or weakens due to increased exposure to cold climatic conditions. If you live in a region with an icy climate, get a battery heater for your automotive battery. Battery heaters are like jackets that snuggle the battery and keep it warm and functioning even in extreme weather conditions.

Generally, you will find two types of battery heaters in the markets. One of them is a pure cloth insulator that fits over the battery. The second one is a rubber-made structure that inflates as you attach it to your car’s battery. While covering your car battery with a warmer, follow the instructions on the packaging to see whether you need to completely detach the battery from the car before proceeding with the coverage.

Refill Electrolytes

Several different types of car batteries cater to modern-day vehicles. Some of them require electrolytes to be refilled repeatedly during their lifetime while others do not. If your Amaron car battery is not sealed and needs a refill to stay functioning, here is how you can do it.

Open the top cap of the battery and using a flashlight, check the level of the fluid inside the battery.

If the fluid inside does not entirely submerge the electrodes or the plates, you need to add more water. Pour in distilled water until the level covers the electrodes and reaches the pouring hole’s bottom.

If you have accidentally spilled some water while pouring it in, wipe it off from the top of the battery’s body using a gentle and dry cloth. Wipe in a manner that does not let your battery take in the water that has spilled because that would transfer dirt into the electrolyte. Replace the vent caps using an appropriate screwdriver.

To ensure maintenance, check the fluid levels of your car battery every six months or whenever you decide to change the engine oil.

While these maintenance tips are excellent and help you prolong the life of your car battery, they are not solutions for an already damaged car battery. If your car battery has aged significantly and is turning weak, it might be an excellent choice to get it either repaired or replaced. Buy your desired Amaron car battery online for a quick and hassle-free purchase. Amaron car batteries come with a significantly long period of warranty, and if your battery is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, you can avail of your warranty.

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