Basics of Jump Starting Your Exide Car Battery

Imagine this. You turn your car key but don’t hear the engine roar. A perfectly sunny day is now ruined for you.

We have all witnessed, if not experienced, the woes of a dead car battery. Usually, a good car battery from known brands like Exide can last up to 5-6 years if taken care of. Over time, various factors can drain the battery. Hence, a driver should be prepared for such a situation. Know how to start the car if your Exide battery somehow dies.

Reasons for a Dead Battery

There can be several reasons for a dead Exide battery that include but are not limited to the following.

Reason 1: The Battery is Old

Even though in ideal conditions a car battery is supposed to last up to 6 years, some batteries may start experiencing trouble sooner. Hence, drivers must buy the latest battery and get regular tests done to determine its health. It is even more important to pay attention to your battery once it crosses the 3-year mark.

Reason 2: Terminal Corrosion

You must have noticed a white ashy substance that forms on the metal surface of the car battery once in a while. This is a sign that the terminals of your battery are getting corroded. This corrosion of the battery terminals can lead to serious voltage issues in the car, making it difficult to start the engine. Make sure to use a corrosion spray after cleaning the two terminals to prevent them from corrosion.

Reason 3: You left the Headlights on

The headlights drain a lot of power from the battery and should never be left on when you don’t need them. Yet, there are times when we forget to switch them off and leave them on for several hours. This can be a cause for the battery dying prematurely.

Reason 4: Extreme Weather

Another common cause for a dead battery is the weather. Most people think only cold weather impacts the battery but that is not true. Extreme heat is equally damaging. Parking your car indoors or in the shade is extremely important to protect it from extreme heat and cold.

What is Jump-starting and How Does it Help?

If you are stranded on the road with a dead battery, then you must know a few tricks. While push starting a car is the first thing you should try as it is easy and doesn’t require any tools, you must also know another method in case it doesn’t work. Jump-starting is an extremely useful way of restarting your battery with the help of another car battery. It may sound complicated but is actually a simple method that just requires the right tools and a bit of skill.

How to Jump-Start your Exide Battery

If you have the car manual, go ahead and read the section about jump-starting as some cars have specific instructions for this process. Next, identify the different parts of the automotive battery including the positive and negative terminals.

Tools required: Thick and insulated jumper cables with dual clips and a power source. The power source can either be the battery of another car or a portable battery or a jump box. For this method, we are using another car battery.

Step 1: Make sure that both cars are parked side by side without touching each other so that there is no electric current flow between them. Turn off the ignition on the power source.

Step 2: Open the hood of both vehicles and locate the batteries and terminals. Usually, the positive terminals are red and negative are black with a (+) and (-) sign on them. If the terminals are dirty then wipe the dust with a brush or cloth.

Step 3: Connect the red jumper cable to the positive terminals of both the car batteries. Secure the clamp tightly as you need a solid connection.

Step 4: Now, connect one clamp of the black jumper cable to the negative terminal of the working battery and the other clamp to an unpainted bolt or nut on the engine block.

Step 5: Step into the working car and start the engine. Let it run for a minute or more for the jump to work.

Step 6: Now, start the engine of the car with the dead battery and if it doesn’t start immediately then let the battery recharge for a few more minutes and then try again.

Step 7: Disconnect the jumper cables once the dead car starts. First, remove the black clamps and then the red clamps without letting them touch each other.

Step 8: Take the newly recharged car for a short drive to make sure that the battery charges up more. This is to ensure that the vehicle doesn’t die again.

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