Benefits of Using High-Performance Car Battery

Batteries are the life and soul of every vehicle. Be it engine start-up or powering electrical features, your car battery handles it all. Since every modern car comes with added features to make driving a luxury experience, powerful automotive batteries are needed to keep them running.

Regardless of the brand or the model of your car, your automotive battery lasts for 3 to 5 years on an average. When the time for battery replacement arrives, you will encounter a plethora of high-quality and budget choices in the market. It might sound tempting for you to not spend extravagantly on a simple car accessory such as a battery, but keep in mind that by investing in a cheap substitute, you are putting your car to risk.

Choosing high-quality car batteries not only enhance the performance of your car but also uphold it. Here are a few reasons you should always invest in a good quality automotive battery –


The average life of a brand new car battery should be around 3 to 5 years. Nearly every car battery manufacturer claims similar battery lives, but low-quality car batteries rarely meet the expectations in terms of longevity. High-performance car batteries not only last longer but also work well throughout their lifetime. Low-quality batteries, however, fail to deliver satisfactory performance even shortly after their purchase and installation.

Ability to Support Varied Systems

Modern cars come with bright fluorescent interior lighting, enhanced and coloured headlights, seat warmers, additional air-conditioners, rear and front cameras and several other driver assistance systems. All of these need to be powered by potent batteries. A weak or low-quality battery will not be able to appropriately power these essential features of your car, not only dampening your excitement about owning such advanced features but more importantly, leading to wastage of your hard-earned money. Always invest in a high-performance automotive battery if you want your vehicle to function as correctly with enhancements as without. Since these batteries have high power ratings, they will not fail prematurely on suffering heavy loads.

Reduced Maintenance

If you have to spend hours every week peeping under the hood of your car to determine why your battery won’t function properly, buying a new one is moot. You might as well drag your old car battery to its death. One of the most typical problems with weak car batteries is their need for constant maintenance. You might have to clean and grease the terminals repeatedly and attend to exhausted electrolytes. If you want to avoid such hassles, shopping for a high-performance automotive battery is a must. Though proper maintenance is imperative to the functioning and longevity of all cells, the troubles are significantly lower in case of high-performance car batteries.

Warranty and Replacement

Sometimes, due to a manufacturing defect or compatibility issue, newly installed automotive batteries fail prematurely. This will require you to replace your battery immediately after installing it. Spending exorbitant amounts on repeated battery replacements can be harrowing and make your initial savings on buying a cheap battery redundant. In such situations, it becomes imperative for car owners to have a warranty on their car batteries. Inferior quality batteries are typically made by unregistered brands that do not provide any replacement warranty or free repair guarantee. Even if they have a warranty period, it is too short to be of any use.

High-quality batteries, instead, come with a free replacement and pro-rated warranty period. During the free replacement warranty period, the battery manufacturer replaces your faulty battery free of cost with a brand new one. In the pro-rated period, however, you can save a portion of your purchasing cost. Such warranties save you great hassle and money.


Heavyweight batteries are both difficult to install and challenging to maintain. Lightweight batteries, while of the same group size, are considerably easy to install. High-performance batteries are built using the finest quality lithium compounds. Moreover, advanced manufacturing technologies keep them highly functional and less bulky.

Wide Availability

If you shop your car battery from reputed brands like Amaron or Exide, you will be able to find authorized dealers and service centres all across the country. This feature comes in handy if you drive your car outstation and require immediate assistance with your battery. Generic batteries, on the other hand, are not widely recognized or serviced pan India.

With a high-performance car battery and some necessary practices required to maintain them, you can drive your car freely without worrying about battery failure. At AIS Car Fit Experts, we stock high-performance car batteries manufactured by Amaron and Exide. You can shop for these online from our website to get the best deals.

We cater to all major car brands and models and offer hassle-free car battery check and replacement services. Our professionals observe the highest safety standards while installing a new car battery. Our service centres are located nationwide for your convenience but to make it even better, you can simply give us a call at +91 9555305044 and we will come check your car battery wherever you are!

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