A Guide to Buying the Best car battery

For a vehicle, perhaps, the optimal functioning of no other component is more essential than its battery. Why? A car battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy to deliver appropriate voltage to the car’s starter. It provides the zap of electricity necessary to power up the electrical components in your car like the infotainment system, radio, lights, etc. But, most importantly, it stabilises the supply of electrical energy i.e. the voltage that keeps the engine running smoothly.

And, in case you experience sudden operational failures with the alternator or fan belt, your car battery can sustain the supply of voltage to keep your ride moving, till it discharges completely.

Nonetheless, even car batteries start to experience failures over time. A car battery can last from 3-5 years on an average with proper care. Once it reaches the end of its lifespan, it becomes an “old-timer” that needs immediate replacement to prevent emergency breakdown situations.

Are you looking for a car battery? Always consider the following factors to buy the best car battery for your car. 

Battery Size and Specifications

Not all batteries are made alike. While some car batteries offer higher CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) ratings for quicker cranks, others offer a sturdy built for a long life. To buy the best car battery, always ensure that the battery fits inside the hood snugly to avoid issues with the battery case.

Moreover, your car battery should meet the demands of your car model, fuel type, and driving needs – inspect these factors before buying.

Manufacturing Date 

Car batteries lose charge even when kept in storage. Always check the car battery’s manufacturing date before buying: a car battery that is 3 months old or less is an ideal purchase. However, batteries aged 6 months or more from the date of purchase may not function optimally. Look for a shipment code on the battery’ case to determine its manufacturing date. After all, fresh batteries are always better than stale ones.

Maintenance Needs

Car batteries have a lifespan that ranges from three to five years in general. If your battery’s maintenance needs are heavy, battery care can cost you more than the buying price. Best car batteries are usually maintenance-free or have low maintenance needs. Choose either of them, depending on your car’s needs.

Compare Warranties 

Always compare and stick to car battery brands that offer relevant warranties to avail free car battery checks and replacement services.  Once the warranty reaches the prorated period, you will only get partial reimbursements of the battery purchase sum.

Therefore, you must always compare warranties before zeroing in on a car battery brand!

Professional Installation 

No matter the quality of your car battery, if it is not installed properly inside the hood of your car, it can go from “best” to worse within months. Improper car battery installations often result in battery leaks, battery case vibrations, and spills. Besides, a faulty installation can completely nullify your car battery warranty. 

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