Best Driving Practices to Improve Your Exide Car Battery Life

When it comes to car batteries, there is none like Exide. Exide has been an industry leader in manufacturing high-performance car batteries. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology, long-lasting life, and low-maintenance needs, the Exide car battery powers an enormous majority of cars on Indian roads.

Even though Exide car battery is often perceived as the epitome for high performance and superior quality, it has a limited life just like any other manufactured product. An Exide car battery is designed to withstand a lot more than other average batteries in the market. As a responsible car owner, you can take up certain effective practices to ensure that your Exide car battery performs at its very optimum. Moreover, taking proper care of the battery will ensure that it won’t die a premature death due to negligence.

Given below are a few of the best practices that every car owner must follow.

Long Rides over Short Rides

Your Exide car battery gets charged while the car is being driven. The alternator charges the car battery when the engine is on. Even the most advanced car batteries like Exide car battery take an extended amount of time for charging. This isn’t possible during quick and short car rides, and it is even worse if you don’t drive your car regularly. When the car battery doesn’t get sufficient charge, this starts taking a toll on the battery’s health as its capacity starts reducing over time, ultimately leading to premature death. This is why to preserve your battery’s life and avoid unnecessary expenditure on a new car battery, make sure to drive your car frequently for extended periods. This will recharge your car battery. If you don’t use your vehicle often, consider investing in a portable car battery charger. These portable chargers can jumpstart your battery if you ever get stranded due to battery failure.

Keeping the Battery Tightly Fastened

A loosely-fitted battery can easily vibrate, which can make it highly susceptible to internal damage and short circuits. To prevent such mishaps, you must make sure that the battery terminals are fastened tightly and positioned correctly on the mounting bracket. The bolts holding the car battery must be in their proper places and secured tightly to prevent them from moving. All this becomes exceptionally crucial if you frequently drive on bumpy roads.

Keeping the Battery Clean

You should always make sure that your car battery is free from dirt, dust, and moisture. Dirt in and around the battery may find its way into the cell and damage it. The terminals of the car batteries also corrode over time, which is why it becomes essential to keep the battery terminals clean to extend the life of your car battery. Corrosion is the biggest enemy of car battery terminals as it adds resistance and reduces the amount of electrical current that goes to the starter motor, preventing the car from functioning properly. This is why it’s essential to keep the terminals free from corrosion. You can use a solution made of baking soda and distilled water to clean the battery terminals easily. If you sense something fishy with your car battery terminals, get them checked by a professional immediately.

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