Car Battery Buying Guide That Everyone Should Know

It is not uncommon for a car’s battery to prematurely die or provide substandard performance. However, finding the right car battery installation service is not always easy. Learn all about buying a new car battery by referring to the tips and tricks listed below.

Choose the Right Battery Size

Before you set out to purchase a battery set, make sure you know the optimal battery size that snuggly fits inside your bonnet. You can consult the vehicle’s owner manual to refer for dimensions. If you are still unsure, call automotive-care providers like Car Fit Experts on +91 95553 05044 and let them take a look under the hood. If needed, they can skilfully replace your battery set with the rightly sized one.

Check Battery Manufacturing Date

Always choose a fresh car battery. How? Look for the date stamp on the top cover of the battery set. The date printed is in the form of a two-character code, where the letter symbolises a month and the number signifies the year of manufacturing. For example – if the battery reads B5 then the alphabet B means the month of February, and the number 5 stands for 2015. If you are unable to spot the manufacturing date, ask your installation service provider to help you with it. Strictly avoid installing a battery set that is already six months past its manufacturing date.

Sealed vs. Non-Sealed Batteries

Sealed batteries are entirely shut and require no maintenance. However, they may not be ideal for warmer climates because you can’t add water in case they get too hot. Unsealed batteries feature caps on top that allow for the addition of water. Doing this makes them more desirable for use in sweltering temperatures. If you live in areas where the heat is capable of thwarting functionality, unsealed batteries may be a better option.

Compare Warranties

Branded batteries always offer proper warranty certification. Do not buy a locally made battery even if available at throwaway prices. Unauthentic batteries provide no warranty, thwart feature functionality, and do not last long. Scour the internet or talk to your battery provider to choose a brand that offers the most extended free replacement period. An automotive battery’s warranty is measured through the following two factors – the free replacement period vs. the prorated period. A prorated warranty allows only partial reimbursement in case your cell goes kaput.

For instance, if your warranty has a code that reads 24/84, buy it! This code stands for a free-of-cost full battery replacement facility for 24 months. The number 84 stands for the prorated warranty lasting 84 months.

Learn About the Battery Types

There are broadly two main types of batteries viz. lead-acid and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM). Let us understand each one of them in detail.

Lead-Acid Battery Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)
Completely maintenance-free Completely maintenance-free
Does not need to be topped off with water Does not require to be topped off with water
Cheaper than the Absorbed Glass Mat Battery Costs at least 40% more than a lead-acid battery
Does not hold charge for as long as an AGM Battery Holds charge the longest
Cannot sustain deep discharging and recharging cycles Can easily support deep discharging and recharging cycles


Check CCA and RC Ratings

CCA or Cold Cranking Amps refers to a battery’s ability to start an engine in freezing temperatures. The RC or Reserve Capacity refers to how long a battery can continue to function if its alternator, as well as rotor, fails. The RC number can also be measured by how long you can leave the headlights on, and yet ignite the car’s engine without needing a jump-start. Ask your battery expert to talk about the CCA and RC ratings of the battery sets you want to buy. Remember that brands like Amaron, Exide, 3M, and Bosch come with excellent CCA and RC ratings, and are adept at withstanding extreme temperatures.

Over to You

Always get your automotive battery replaced by a trained professional. A car’s battery is its beating heart and is essential for not just starting the engine, but also for running the wiper blades, charging mobile phones on-the-go, powering headlights, etc. If you are experiencing a hard time choosing a new car battery, refer to the guide above and get in touch with Car Fit Experts.

Car Fit Experts is the biggest automotive-care and maintenance network in India with 80+ service centres in 45+ cities. We offer 100% authentic battery products via our tie-ups with brands like Amaron, Exide, Bosch and 3M. Our professionally trained team of technicians provides quick turnaround time and uses top-of-the-line tools to cater to all your car battery woes. We also understand the importance of your time, and therefore, offer car battery installation, cabin maintenance, headlight restoration, and other car detailing services at your doorstep.

To give your car the best care, log on to and book a consultation today!


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