Car battery replacement – how to do it yourself (and should you even try?)

Considerations for attempting a car battery replacement

In our DIY culture, we all take pride in tackling various issues and coming up with solutions ourselves. From fixing a leaky faucet to building cute knick-knacks for one’s home, we like to do everything independently. Now, you may know how to change your car’s tyre when it gets flat in the middle of a highway, but do you know how to go about conducting a car battery replacement? It’s time to find out!

13 Steps to follow for a car battery replacement!

As is the case with your phone’s battery, your car’s battery can also run out at any time. Fortunately, you can always read the signs and make sure you’re not in a tough spot when it’s about to run out. In fact, if you notice your headlights beginning to dim, it’s a definite sign that the battery is about to run out.

So, if you find yourself in need of car battery replacement, follow these steps:

Removing the old battery:

  1. Park your car in a secure spot and make sure that it is turned off. Even if you end up with a dead battery in the middle of the road, make sure that you find a way to take it off the road. This is because conducting a car battery replacement in the middle of the road can be dangerous. The best places to go ahead with a car battery replacement are garages or empty parking lots. Also, you must take the keys out of the ignition for the sake of added safety.
  2. Open the hood. Keep in mind that you should not have any metal items on you (such as jewellery, watches, and so on) while you’re going ahead with the car battery replacement. This is because metal conducts electricity, and its presence can put you in danger when working with spark-prone items such as batteries.
  3. Find the battery. The battery is often located under the windshield or at the top corner. It’s a rectangular box with two cables attached to it. Identifying this correctly is one of the most critical steps when it comes to car battery replacement.
  4. Disconnect the negative cable. Two signs can help you identify the right cable – it will be black, and it will have a big minus sign on it. Never remove the positive cable first. This is because the battery can end up sparking if you do.
  5. Secure the cable. Once you’ve disconnected the negative cable from the battery, you need to move it towards the edge of the engine bay and secure it with a cable tie. The most important component of this step would be to ensure that the cable doesn’t touch anything metal.
  6. Now, disconnect and remove the positive cable. Like the negative cable, the positive cable can be identified with the help of two signs – the cable will be red, and there will be a plus sign on it.
  7. Remove the battery. Before you go ahead with this step of the car battery replacement, it’s essential to inspect the area around the battery. If anything is securing the battery to its place, that needs to be loosened to take the battery out. Note that a typical battery can weigh between 9-10 kgs, so ask for help if you think that this is too heavy.

Placing the new battery:

  1. A new battery that’s pulled straight out of the box needs to be cleaned first. You may notice blue, white, grey or green powder around the terminals. You can use 100-grit sandpaper or emery cloth to remove this powder. Do keep in mind that this isn’t a harmless powder – it is battery acid. As it is corrosive in nature, you must take extra precautions to ensure that it doesn’t get on your clothes or your skin.
  2. Secure the battery into the brackets in the engine bay. Do make sure that you buy the correct battery for your car (as every model has its own specifications, and the wrong battery won’t work in your car, even if the car battery replacement is done correctly).
  3. Some batteries come with lithium grease, while others do not. In the case of the latter, you need to buy your own lithium grease. This is important as you need to spray it on the battery’s terminals once you’ve placed the new battery. This will prevent corrosion. You have to be super careful and ensure that the lithium grease is not sprayed anywhere else in the engine bay.
  4. Connect the positive cable to the battery.
  5. Connect the negative cable (do not connect the negative cable before the positive cable – this can lead to electrocution).
  6. Close the hood properly and start the engine. You can now enjoy your drive.

So, should you conduct the car battery replacement yourself?

Considerations for attempting a car battery replacement

Now that you know the steps involved in car battery replacement, you’ve probably realised that this is a process that requires professionals. Handling electrical components such as the battery can pose a major risk to your safety, and this is why you need to ensure you take the help of experts for the car battery replacement.

Another reason why it’s prudent to seek help for the car battery replacement because you may not know the exact battery you need for your car. As mentioned before, each model has its battery specifications, and it’s essential to match those specifications.

Where should you go for a car battery replacement?

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