Car Detailing – Why is it important and why to pick it over a simple car wash

As a car owner, you would leave no stone unturned to keep the car in top-notch condition. Car servicing helps in the proper functioning of the car's various components, including electrical features like battery check, headlights, etc. Most car owners opt for car wash services since it is the simplest way to protect the vehicle's value and maintenance. During car washing, all the accumulated dirt and air pollutants are washed out. We recommend opting for professional car wash services. Else, the harmful chemicals used in the washing process can cause scratches and/or damage the car paint.

The critical question is, 'Is car washing enough to keep the car in good condition?'. Environment plays a significant role in deteriorating the car's exterior, an issue that just a car wash cannot address with car washing. This is where car detailing services can do wonders over car cleaning services. Let's deep dive into car detailing, along with some of the essential reasons to choose car detailing over car cleaning.

What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is a comprehensive car cleaning procedure that not only removes the invisible dirt on the exterior parts of the car but also frees the car interior from dirt, stubborn stains, etc. The result is a car that is as good as a new vehicle.

It also addresses the issues related to the car's hygiene. Car detailing service also includes interior car cleaning, car seat dry cleaning, windshield cleaning, front & rear mirror cleaning, and tyre & bumper dressings.

Since there is so much attention to detail in the car detailing process, it is costlier than a normal car washing procedure. You won't mind the extra cost if you get a showroom finish car at the end of the car detailing process.

These steps are included in a car detailing service:

  • Cleaning of interior and exterior of the car
  • Steam washing for the removal of stubborn particles accumulated on the exterior
  • Washing and polishing the exterior to regain its charm
  • Tyre cleaning and installation of accessories (optional)

Now that we have covered the basics of car detailing let's look at why you should opt for it over a rudimentary car cleaning service.

Why choose car detailing over a car wash service?

Here is a detailed look at what car detailing can do to your vehicle:

Interior Car Cleaning

Car detailing starts with interior car cleaning since the interiors take a longer time to dry up. Here are the various steps performed during interior car cleaning:

  • Vacuuming – An air compressor is used in place of a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from every nook and corner of the car interior.
  • Brushing and Steam Clean – Mats and carpets placed inside the car are cleaned, brushed to remove the dust. The carpets are then steam cleaned to remove the stubborn particles.
  • Glass Cleaning – Glass sections (i.e. windows, windshield, etc.) are cleaned with high-quality glass cleaner to retain their transparency. Utmost care is taken to ensure that there are no cracks or scratches form on the glass.
  • Vacuuming and Wiping – The second round of vacuuming ss performed, and all the dirt still present in interiors is removed using a microfiber cloth.
  • Perfuming – The interior is now disinfected and perfumed so that the customer gets a WOW feeling when driving the car.

Exterior Car Cleaning

Professionals from Car Fit Experts that have expertise in car detailing can play a huge role in retaining the look & feel of the car.

Here are the various steps performing during exterior car cleaning:

  • Hand Car Wash – Manual washing is performed instead of machine washing to remove dirt and stains from the normally neglected areas by machine wash.
  • Claying – It is one of the crucial steps in the car detailing process, as it removes all the impurities accumulated on the car exterior. These impurities usually are not removed in the earlier step since detergents are used in that step.
  • Polishing – The car exterior is now polished to retain the shine. The owner should get a feeling of owning a brand new car!
  • Sealing – As the name indicates, a coat of sealant is used to retain the car's shine for a longer duration.

Attention to detail

Car owners should opt for car detailing over car wash since it helps retain the vehicle's shine. You would be elated when you witness that the interior is free from stains and dirty smells that might otherwise cause inconvenience to the passengers in the car.

Instead of searching for a car detailing service near me, you should opt for professional services from Car Fit Experts, as the team has highly-skilled professionals with expertise & experience in car detailing.

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