Car Wiper Blade Maintenance Tips

Efficient car wiper blades are integral to the driver’s visibility. Think of the various environmental conditions that crop up on the road – heavy rain, sleet, snow, flying debris, dust storms, and many more. If the car wiper blades malfunction, the driver’s visibility will be obstructed and cause safety concerns.

Notice your car wiper blades – are they streaking, cracking, vibrating, or splitting? If yes, then you should get it checked and replaced immediately as damaged wiper blades often lead to windshield damage with prolonged use.

Nonetheless, regular inspection and maintenance of car wiper blades is important as well. 

How to Maintain Car wiper blades?

Over time, car wiper blades can become inefficient from daily wear-and-tear. A regular inspection can help upkeep the car wiper blades for a long time. To perform easy car wiper blade inspection, tug the wiper blade to ensure if it is installed securely on the wiper arm. Then, make sure the wiper blades are not bent or curved. Now, look for metal corrosion at the wiper’s joints and claws. Also, check for visible tears and cracks on the edge of the rubber blade. You need to ensure that the rubber blade is flexible. It should move back and forth smoothly. Lastly, see if the wiper blades are streaking, splitting, or scratching along the windshield.

If you find any issues during the inspection process, seek professional help immediately. However, you can follow these maintenance tips to prolong the life of your car wiper blades. 

Periodic Cleaning

Keeping the wiper blades clean is the best trick in the bag! You can clean the blades using wiper fluid, rubbing alcohol, or soapy water. Simply dampen a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the blades to remove any foreign particles settled on them.

Along with the wiper blades, it is equally important to keep the windshield glass clean to ensure a smooth operation. 

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause wiper blades to split open. Harsh UV rays penetrate the rubber blade, causing it to dry up and crack, leading the rubber blade to detach from the metal frame.

Always park your car under the shade to prevent the car wiper blades from drying out. You can also use appropriate car covers to prevent the harsh sunlight from damaging the wiper blades. 

Maintain the Rubber Blades

If the rubber blades are old and inflexible, they will not fit the windshield properly and streak the windshield glass. To ensure their smooth operation, you can soften the car wiper blades by lubricating them with petroleum jelly. Let the jelly air-dry for 10 minutes before reusing the blades.

Furthermore, you can clean the rubber blades regularly using a damp paper towel to keep away dirt, road tar, and other foreign substances from accumulating. This will keep them from squeaking against the windshield.

Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your car wiper blade – however, a replacement is inevitable at some point. Ideally, you should replace car wiper blades every 6-12 months.

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