Changing Car Wiper: Everything You Need to Know

For drivers, unobstructed visibility is paramount. If the windshield is dirty or damaged, it will adversely affect the driver’s visibility and cause safety concerns: impaired windshields often lead to road accidents. To prevent such situations, cars come equipped with automated windshield cleaners called wipers.

Importance of Car Wipers

Although unapparent, car wipers are a significant safety feature of your car. Car wipers provide an unobstructed front view to drivers for a safe driving experience. Be it heavy rain, sleet, dust storm, insects, abrasives, or flying debris, car wipers scrape off the windshield to keep it clear. And by doing so, car wipers ensure that the driver’s line-of-sight is always clear of all obstructions.

Nowadays, car wipers have become smarter: they come with a rain-sensing system. These car wipers come equipped with rain-sensing sensors that are mounted behind the windshield. Based on the intensity of precipitation, the sensor systems activate the car wipers and adjust their speed and frequency accordingly. Rain-sensing wipers are extremely helpful when driving during heavy rainfall, especially when it’s dark outside.

Nonetheless, car wipers can deteriorate over time. Prolonged use of damaged wipers on the windshield can lead to glass damage. To avoid such a situation, always use preventative care for your car wipers and replace them every 6-12 months.

When to Change Car Wipers?

If your car wipers are damaged, they will give you tell-tale signs. Inspect the wipers for signs of chattering, squeaking, streaking, skipping, splitting, etc. If you notice these signs, replace your car wipers.

Other warning signs include issues with the rubber blades like breaks, cracks, etc., streaking of windshield glass, bent metal frames, and extreme weather conditions.

One significant, but often overlooked cause of car wiper damage is direct sunlight. Excessive exposure to harsh UV rays can dry out the rubber blades, causing them to split away from the metal frame. Also, if your car wipers have aged, a replacement might be in order.

These signs are definite red flags: if you notice these signs of damage upon inspection, get the car wipers replaced immediately to avoid breakdown-like situations and ensure clear visibility for a safe driving experience.

Moreover, you must always seek professional help to get the best out of your car wiper replacement.

Why Seek Professional Help to Change Car Wiper?

A DIY car wiper replacement seems like an inexpensive option but it can cost you in the long run. An improper car wiper change can jeopardise the safety purpose of the car wipers, making them susceptible to damage.

By getting your car wipers changed from a professional, you can avoid a faulty installation. Besides, for wipers that come with advanced sensor systems, the replacement process needs specialised tools and experience of working with such systems.

Professionals are equipped with the right tools and expertise to change the wiper blades with proper care – ensuring that your windshield also remains unharmed in the process. After all, car wipers are fundamental for safe driving.

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