How do I check and claim Amaron Battery Warranty?

Verifying the Amaron battery warranty claim

Most people, whilst buying a brand new automobile, hope that the car’s warranty covers all its components. However, the terms and conditions in your automobile battery warranty may be quite different from the vehicle itself. In other words, it is essential to have a separate warranty for the car battery so that you can enjoy financial protection. Let’s find out everything there is to know about your Amaron battery warranty!

What is the Amaron battery warranty period?

Verifying the Amaron battery warranty claim

The Amaron battery warranty generally covers for twenty-four months or approximately 58,000 kms from the date of purchase of the battery. There are some types of warranties that come with a cover period of 5 years too.

The Amaron battery warranty period will be mentioned on the warranty card of the new battery you purchase. So, that’s where you should check to see whether the current warranty of your battery is valid or not.

How and When to Avail Your Amaron Battery Warranty?

If you feel that the battery is not performing well, or have noticed that it has been damaged, you can claim the warranty. However it’s important to note that after purchasing your warranty, you have to create an account with the company online and then use the same credentials to make your claims.

If you notice that your battery is malfunctioning and the warranty period is not over yet, all you need to do is head to an accredited mechanic and verify the situation. Once the damage is verified and the battery is declared useless, the mechanics will make it a point to jot down the make, model, and date of production of the Amaron battery – you’ll want these facts on hand when you’re submitting a claim.

Contact the closest accredited battery supplier and tell them about the useless battery. The supplier might also additionally ask to re-verify your claim. This process of double-verification can sometimes feel like a waste of time, which is why you should just head to Car Fit Experts as they not only have accredited mechanics, but also supply Amaron batteries.

Once the battery arrives, you’ll get a brand new warranty card in line with the product you have purchased

Are there different types of car battery warranties?

Car battery warranties can be broken down into three types – Free Replacement, Pro-Rata and Warranty. Let’s understand what these terms mean:

  1. Free Replacement Warranty
  2. If you have a Free Replacement Warranty, your battery will be replaced for free if it starts malfunctioning within the warranty period. However, you would have to read the fine print to know what types of damages are covered by the warranty.

    For example, car battery manufacturers now no longer provide an alternate battery in case the damage on the battery is external – this can include any damage caused by harm to the plastic covering, hammering the battery, or harm to the battery terminals.

  3. Pro-Rata Warranty
  4. If your automobile battery is under a Pro-rata warranty, you don’t get an alternative battery, however a reduction over the MRP of the new battery that you have to buy due to harm or malfunction. When you buy a new battery, you will then have to get a new warranty.

    However, if it looks as though the battery was damaged on purpose, companies will not offer you a discount on the new battery.

Other Factors to Consider

There are some tips you want to keep in mind before claiming your automobile battery warranty. While all organizations have their own sets of terms and conditions, right here are the some of the common things people forget while making claims:

  1. Car battery warranty begins on the date of purchase of the original customer. So, if you have bought a refurbished automobile, ensure to check the warranty card to know how much time is valid. In case you update your battery within the warranty period, , the warranty of the new battery will start from the date of the purchase of the battery.
  2. Any warranty claims may be considered as long as you have the unique warranty receipt. So take appropriate care of your warranty card.
  3. Warranty claims may be denied for something as basic as discharged batteries or harm sustained because of abuse or neglect. Thus, it is vital to offer the right protection to your automobile battery.

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