How to Choose A Reliable Exide Battery?

Reliable Exide car battery illustration

Simply put, your car’s battery is its beating heart. You may argue that it’s the engine, but without the power zap provided by the battery for ignition, the engine won’t start, and the car won’t move. Your car’s battery has various applications and benefits, but you should consider the different characteristics you need to look for before installing it. The chances are that you will settle on an Exide battery because of the various benefits it provides.

Exide has been a trusted name in this business for over a century. Exide began as a battery importer and wholesaler and now has seven production units in India, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. With such an impressive portfolio, they have grown to become the leading battery maker in the Indian subcontinent. They also provide additional support and installation benefits from the convenience of your own home.

Reliable Exide car battery illustration

However, Exide batteries can come in a variety of types. It can be challenging for you to settle on one Exide battery. Here is a list of characteristics to look for. Read through to choose the Exide battery that is the best fit for your vehicle.

Check the freshness of the Exide battery

Choose an Exide battery that is less than six months old. A written code with a letter and a number indicates the freshness of the Exide battery. The letter represents the month, and the number represents the year of manufacture. A/20, for example, denotes the month of January in the year 2020.

Purchase a non-maintenance Exide battery

A sealed no-maintenance Exide battery does not require the addition of distilled water. Check to make sure you don’t get a car battery with unsealed caps that allow you to add distilled water on occasion.

Choose an Exide battery with a high reserve capacity

Before selecting an Exide battery, inquire about its reserve capacity. Higher reserve capacity relates to how long the Exide battery can run without the engine before being discharged. A battery with increased capacity can assist your vehicle in difficult conditions such as alternator failure, a recalcitrant engine, or accidentally leaving the headlights on.

Pick the Exide battery that your vehicle needs

Exide battery is available for all types of vehicles, whether SUVs, sedans, or hatchbacks. To withstand the harshest Indian roads, choose Exide EPIQ, Matrix, Gold, Express, Cabby, and numerous more. Through these product lines, the firm offers a comprehensive feature set and warranty options. 

Install an Exide battery that is secure and spill-resistant

Any Exide battery has a sturdy construction and excellent spill resistance. But double-check for these qualities before you make the purchase. Your Exide battery should always be secured in place and never leak under the hood. 

The superb construction and robust design will ensure that the battery can resist extreme temperatures. An Exide battery is made to reduce vibrations on uneven roads, recharge quickly, and require less care and maintenance.

Choose an Exide battery with good warranty terms

Choose an Exide battery that comes with a warranty that provides hassle-free replacement in the unlikely event of a battery failure. Customers receive contracts for 36, 48, or more months, depending on the product they purchase. You can also choose to buy an extended warranty to ensure that you will receive unwavering assistance and support from the brand for an extended period.

Choose an Exide battery available for online purchase

Making a journey to the vendor shop or finding the opportunity to call for obtaining the Exide battery online may be a hassle for some busy clients. For such harried individuals, the manufacturer also provides a convenient online platform to purchase their automobile batteries. You can also buy any Exide battery from AIS Car Fit Experts with utmost ease. Furthermore, the item will be delivered free of charge to your door.

Last Thoughts


Investing in an Exide battery ensures dependability and long-term comfort. Fit it, and then forget about it! When you buy an Exide Battery from AIS Car Fit Experts, you can be confident in its genuine quality and low price. We offer world-class experience and a staff of professionally-trained experts who use cutting-edge tools to service all of your car battery needs right at your door. Get in touch with us or visit our website to browse and buy from our extensive selection of Exide batteries.


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