Dead Battery? How to Start a Car by Pushing it

If your car battery dies and you are stuck in the middle of a busy road, what would you do? It is something all drivers fear but a fairly common phenomenon.

You might search for “car battery shop near me” on Google, but that won’t necessarily help as you still need to get your vehicle to the shop somehow. In this state of utter confusion, you must find a way to start your car and reach your destination.

Many drivers have had this unfortunate experience of being stranded on the road because the car battery gave up on them. This mostly occurs when the battery dies all of a sudden. A car battery usually has an average life of 5-6 years but, when it dies suddenly and you have to be somewhere urgently, it can be a nightmare.

A car driver must be prepared for such a disaster and must be equipped with the right tools or the right technique to help themselves in such a situation. Push starting or bump starting your car is an easy method of getting your car engine running in just a few minutes. Thus, you must know how to start your car by simply pushing it.

Tips to Push Start Your Car

Follow these steps and tips to learn how you can start your car engine by pushing or bumping it. It is recommended to have a safe spot with a downhill slope for the method to work perfectly.

Step 1: Don’t hesitate to ask for help

When you are stranded on the road, don’t hesitate in asking for help from strangers. A single person can push the car but you also need someone in the driver seat. If you have companions then make sure one of them sits on the driver’s seat and others push the car. There is no shame in asking for help as this is not ideally a single person job.

Step 2: Get in position and start the car

After you and your helper are in position, put the car in ignition mode and start it. To do this just remove the parking brake and put your keys in the running position. This will give you complete control once the car starts moving and you will be able to use the momentum to get it running. It is best if the owner sits on the steering wheel as you know your car better than anyone else.

Step 3: Put the transmission into second gear

To put your car into second gear, just press the clutch and then slide the gear selector into second gear position. The second gear is considered the best and easiest gear for push starting the car. The first gear holds a lot of torque whereas the third gear might need a higher speed, thus the second gear is ideal for this process to work.

Step 4: Release the brake as you start pushing

Take off your right foot from the brake pedal as your helper starts pushing the car. If there is more than one person pushing then that will help you get the car running quickly and easily. A speed of 8 kmph or more is needed to get the car started and running.

Step 5: Release the clutch and accelerate

As the car starts moving and gains a bit of speed, release the clutch pedal slowly. The engine should come to life right about now. As the car starts running, you can press the accelerator slowly and let the car gain some speed.

Your car should be running normally now. Make sure not to switch off the engine till you have reached your destination.

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