Different Ways to Deal with Broken Car Wiper

Car wipers are probably one of the most neglected parts of any car, be it a simple Honda or a shining new Ferrari. This is because you only realize about it when you actually need the wiper to work and if it stops working, then you will have quite the rough day ahead. Imagine driving through a hailstorm or a heavy downpour, and visibility becoming your enemy, thanks to the broken wiper. Sounds like a nightmare already, doesn’t it?

Your car wiper should be in top-notch condition before you actually need to use it.  It is unapparent, but a significant safety feature for your vehicle. Hence, you must clean it and check if it’s working correctly before you’re on the road. Proper visibility is paramount when you’re driving, and a malfunctioning wiper can quickly turn into a threat. One of the most common issues for such malfunctions is a broken car wiper, which happens due to several reasons.

 Wipers have evolved, but they’re still breakable

Over the years, car wipers have evolved from merely cleaning the windshield to automatically sensing the climate to keep your visibility clear. Today, we have rain-sensing wipers that come equipped with sensors behind the car’s windshield. They sense the weather metrics and automatically start when there’s rain, simultaneously adjusting their frequency and speed.

Though car wipers have significantly modernized, that doesn’t mean they’ve become immune to the usual wear-and-tear. These wipers can still break down over time, deteriorate in quality, or even get broken due to unforeseen circumstances. It’s important that you quickly diagnose the issue and get it fixed, to ensure that your road safety is thoroughly maintained.

Diagnosing the Problem

Before you think about replacing the car wiper, it’s important that you first see what the problem is. A common problem that hinders the wiper from working is torn wiper blades. When your wiper blades aren’t in proper condition, they will not be able to make the required contact with your windshield and clear the debris away, which can portray the notion that your wiper is broken.

Wiper motor failure is another common problem as well. Since these motors are electrical equipment, they can quit or short out unpredictably, which will cause your car wiper to stop working. This will cause dirt, moisture, etc. to collect on the blades and obstruct your view, and hence, you’ll need an immediate replacement.

A burnt-out wiper fuse could be the problem as well. This fuse put in the car wiper is designed to be the windshield wiper circuit’s weak spot, to burn out if the motor overloads. This helps you save the wiper motor as the fuse takes all the damage.

Loose pivot nuts could be another issue, simple yet quite annoying. The wiper transmission is connected to the wiper arms through these pivot nuts, and when they’re loose, the arms won’t move when the wiper’s motor turns the pivots. When the wiper’s direction moves, you can see the arms slightly move too, but it won’t be able to wipe the car’s windshield. These usually happen when the pivot nuts are loose, or even broken.

How to Handle These Problems

If you’re facing a broken car wiper, an immediate solution is of utmost importance. These wipers might go unnoticed, but play a significant role in keeping the driver safe through crystal-clear visibility.

If the wiper seems to be facing minor issues such as heavily collected mud, dirt, or dust, or loose pivot nuts, you can fix them yourself. With a few quick tools, you can tighten the pivot nuts and clean the wiper blades to ensure that they work seamlessly. However, if these don’t seem to solve the problem, then you might be facing underlying issues such as the broken wiper motor, wiper fuse, or even torn wiper blades.

In such cases, a DIY solution won’t be the right choice, as it might end up creating further issues in the long run. With car wipers evolving and integration of new technology, you need professional hands that have the right expertise and tools to fix the wipers and ensure that your road safety isn’t jeopardized.

Moreover, such trained professionals are well-versed with the advanced sensor systems and will ensure that the wipers are installed perfectly, and are fully-functioning. They’ll replace the wiper blades with the utmost care, fix the underlying issues, and install long-lasting, durable wipers, so you don’t have to worry about them anytime soon.

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