Different Ways to Deal with Dead Car Battery

It has happened to every driver. You get in the car, turn the key in the ignition, and the engine makes a sluggish squeaking sound before dying — or maybe sometimes it doesn’t start at all. Why? The battery is dead.

In any case, the cause of your battery’s loss of charge will be evident, such as you left your headlights or music system on overnight, while on some occasions the situation will not be as clear. Even so, your main concern is getting your battery running again. Your next task would be identifying if the problem is recurring or you can just charge it once and continue with your day.

There are several ways of dealing with a dead car battery in a jam-packed day like yours ranging from jumpstarting the vehicle to buying a car battery online and replacing the old one.

Here’s what to do next when dealing with a dead or drained car battery.

Jumpstart Your Vehicle

Always carry a good set of jumper cables in your car. Otherwise, you will have to either call for roadside assistance or a good samaritan with cables that you can use. Make sure that the cables you are using are not damaged, rusted, or frayed.

Jumpstarting your car can be done by taking power from another car. Just connect your dead battery to the functional vehicle’s charged battery using cables. The red connects the positive terminals of both batteries and black connects the charged battery’s negative terminal to a metallic solid on your car’s engine. Start the engine on the other vehicle and run it for a few minutes, then try the ignition on your car. And voila, you are ready to get back on the road.

Use a Battery Charger

If you drive to remote locations frequently, you can find yourself with no other cars around to help you start your battery. You can still charge your car battery with a charging pack.  The process works the same as jumpstarting with another car. This might take a little longer than a jump-start but can be effective if you have some time at hand.

Get Your Battery Terminals Cleaned

Sometimes, corrosion or powdery build-up around your terminals can avert a good connection between your battery and their battery cables. Cleaning them can restore the connection enough to get your vehicle started again. Since the build-up is most likely acidic, you should get skilled professional help from Car Fit Experts. Our trained technicians are extremely thorough with battery checks and have the right degree of expertise to remove corrosion.

Replace Your Car Battery with a New One

Even if after trying everything your vehicle’s battery doesn’t work, it might be time for you to replace your battery with a new one. With your days packed with numerous tasks, taking time out to buy a car battery for a replacement would mean almost taking an entire day off.

Buying a replacement car battery online can save you some precious time. But how will you know if the price is reasonable or the quality is excellent when you are buying a battery online? Having a wide variety of options will help you compare and choose the right battery for your car’s needs.

Always purchase genuine car batteries online from reputed brands like Car Fit Experts to receive an original product belonging to leading battery makers like Amaron and Exide. Other than that, you will also receive free professional installation services, thorough battery check, and a warranty card.

Make use of our “Quick Battery Finder” tool available on our website to identify the right battery for your car model and buy a car battery online. The tool is free and is also accessible on smartphones.

Even after recharging by jumping cables or a battery charger to get your car moving again, you might need a professional inspect your battery to check for other problems. Rest assured as Car Fit Experts is your one-stop destination for all your car battery requirements!

Not only do we ensure a proper battery check at your home or wherever you are stuck at, in a case where the battery cannot be restored, we replace it with a new one in no time. No need to worry about pollution your used car batteries can cause, as Car Fit Experts recycles old batteries using eco-friendly methods.

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