Ensure Winter Comfort With Amaron Car Battery

Cold weather slows things down, especially when it comes to the chemical reaction inside your vehicle’s battery. At temperatures hovering close to 0°C, which is not an uncommon occurrence up in the north during winters, your battery loses its operating abilities by 30%. How often have you felt your engine struggle to start during those cold winter mornings? This is due to the strain exceedingly cold temperatures impose on your car’s battery.

In addition to the diminished capacity of your battery during low temperatures, cold weather also allows the engine oil to thicken. This makes the car’s engine difficult to turn over which imposes the battery to work harder when it’s already on low capacity.

Your automobile’s battery has a mechanism that charges it on driving. Battery recharging is essential for the longevity of the product. Cold weather slows down the rate of recharge significantly, especially if your battery is old. One will have to drive long distances to ensure their battery is getting properly recharged. It is undebatable that cold temperatures do not bode well with automotive batteries, which is why investing in an Amaron car battery this winter makes a lot of sense. Amaron car batteries efficiently cope with the harsh conditions of cold temperatures while providing you with the reliability you need.

Benefits of Amaron Car Battery

Modern cars are feature-loaded. Most of these features are powered by your vehicle’s battery and you want to use them fully without caring about the temperature outside. Amaron batteries allow a seamless feature usage, especially during winters due to the following reasons.

Higher CCA

CCA or Cold Cranking Amps is the measure of a battery’s ability to ignite an engine in cold temperatures. This is typically reflected through a numeric rating. This rating talks about the number of amperes a 12-volt battery can deliver at 0°F or -17°C for 30 seconds. The battery has to maintain at least a voltage of 7.2 volts to be certified as a high CCA product. Amaron car batteries have a high cranking power or CCA, which means they perform smoothly during cold temperatures without compromising their lifespan.


Amaron car batteries are maintenance-free. Unlike batteries that require topping off with distilled water from time to time, these batteries are free from such demands. They belong to the fit-and-forget genre, which is especially useful during the cold winter months. Amaron car batteries incorporate several modifications over conventional batteries and require no service attention, other than the fact that they should be kept clean. Open your bonnet once monthly and use a dry cloth to rid your Amaron car battery of the dust and grime settled on it.

Super Long-Lasting

Amaron is the only brand of automotive battery that has a patented SilvenX Alloy technology. This allows it to last very long. These batteries can withstand winter year after year. With a design that is resistant to harsh temperatures and vibrations, Amaron batteries are perfect for even the roughest of drivers who like to off-road their vehicles on harsh terrains.

High Reserve Capacity

RC or reserve capacity is a critical rating for batteries. Amaron car battery has a higher reserve capacity coupled with high CCA ratings, which makes it more efficient during the cold months. Batteries with low reserve capacity tend to discharge faster as the cold weather slows down the chemical reaction inside them.

Door-to-Door Customer Service

Every third car in India and every second car in Singapore is powered by an Amaron car battery. They have an incredibly spread out network of 200 plus franchisees, 2400+ service hubs and 18000+ retailers that work tirelessly to provide batteries at customers’ doorstep. You can simply call them in case your car’s battery breaks down on a cold winter morning in the middle of nowhere. The real problem of replacing batteries is faced by the smaller towns in India. Amaron’s spectacular network provides a seamless solution to this problem regardless of the weather.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the aforementioned winter benefits, potential customers can buy an Amaron car battery online. They come factory-charged, ready-to-use with a long performance warranty. Be it an SUV, a sedan or a hatchback, they boast a variety of products available for all types of vehicles. When you purchase an Amaron battery from AIS Car Fit Experts, you can be completely assured of getting a genuine-quality product installed at the right price. We house a professionally-trained team of workers, working with top of the line tools that are sure to take care of all your automotive battery needs, right at your doorstep. Give us a call, or log onto our website to place an order.