Factors that Determine How Often a Car Needs a New Battery

It’s a known fact that the battery is the heart and soul of your car. The ability of a vehicle to function smoothly directly depends on the health of its battery. If the battery fails to function optimally, your car and its advanced components will be as dead as a doornail. However, the battery comes with a fixed lifespan, which is usually around three to five years. But, some factors can reduce battery life and can cause it to die an untimely death, prompting the need for a new car battery.

Given below are some factors that can cause your car battery to fail before its time.

Extreme Temperature

Whether it is scorching summers or freezing winters, both can negatively affect your car battery. On one hand, where the sweltering heat can lead to evaporation of the battery fluid; on the other, frigid cold can slow down the battery’s chemical activity, bringing down its cranking ability. If neglected, you may have frequent battery replacements awaiting you in the near future. This is why you should always park your car in a garage or basement to avoid exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Excessive Short Trips

The car battery has to supply the most power when you crank the engine to start your vehicle. Your car draws hundreds of amps from the battery. Once the engine starts running, the alternator begins to charge the battery. Car batteries accept charge at a slow pace, which is why you may need to drive for some time to get back the power that was used to start the engine. But if you take frequent short trips, you are stopping your car before the alternator is getting a chance to recharge the battery. This can drain out the battery, sometimes, to the point of death.

Incorrect Battery Size

You may have noticed that the size of each car battery is different; this is not for show. Each car’s hood can accommodate only a particular size of battery. Install a new car battery that is larger than the prescribed size and you could create sparks due to friction; install a smaller-sized new car battery and you may thwart your car’s performance. In each of these scenarios, you may have to painfully opt for premature battery replacements. Hence, always check the owner’s manual and opt for the right battery size.

Lack of Maintenance

You must keep a check on your car’s engine performance and get the battery inspected routinely. The battery terminals and cables should be cleaned and tightly secured so that they can perform optimally. You should also check the car battery for rust or corrosion. If you see corrosion or any debris, make sure to clean because residue can affect how efficiently electricity travels. If the car battery is not maintained, it can quickly develop problems.

If you notice any problems like slow-starting engine, swollen car battery, then get your car battery checked by professionals as these could be signs of imminent battery failure, making the purchase of a new car battery inevitable.

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