Five Essential Things to Keep in Car

Some people keep absolutely nothing in their car trunks, while others have enough packed to live in their cars for weeks.

When you’re out on the road, things can take an unpredictable turn. You could be stuck on a road trip with a dead car battery or trapped bang in the middle of a traffic jam thanks to a flat tyre. Most of these situations can be resolved with a little preparation.

Packing light has its benefits, but having some items – from an emergency tyre inflator to a pair of jumper cables – in your car can be helpful during minor and major emergencies.

While carrying basic stuff like tool kits and checking the level of engine oil, brake fluid, and coolant among others should be must do’s before driving long distances, there are some essential things you should always keep in your car. 

Flat Tyre Kit

Every driver has experienced a flat tyre once in their lives. And nothing is quite as frustrating as finding out that your spare tyre in your car is flat or your jack is still in the garage. So, make sure you always keep a spare tyre which is in prime condition, along with a tyre jack and a lug wrench. There’s always a space provision in vehicles where you can fit a spare tyre.

Instant Tyre Inflators/Sealants 

Flat tyres are the biggest spoil-sports during travel. And it is not always easy to locate a puncture repair shop or repair the tyre yourself. Even if you are not an expert in fixing a punctured tyre, you can carry tyre inflators which are usually foam-based spray.

Talbros Penray – Instant Tyre Inflator, a premium car care product you’ll find at Car Fit Experts, come in a pressurised can and are easy to apply. In about 30 seconds, you can fix the puncture with this spray without having to use any tools or dismantling the tyre.  

Car’s Owner Manual

You probably remember the manual that came with your car and you never looked at. Always keep the car manual in your glove compartment or the dashboard. You never know when and how it might come in handy. The manual not only has blueprints comprising images and illustrations about everything that is in your car. This can be very helpful in emergency cases where you have to fix something, say a flat tyre or a dead car battery, on your own. 

Jumper Cables

Imagine being all prepared for your journey, and half a mile into it, your car stops. You turn on the ignition and hear a sputtering engine and some clicks but it does not start. You now have a dead car battery. Waiting for a stranger to help you start the car is only going to make you lose precious time. And even if someone does offer to help you, you can’t do much without jumper cables.

Remember to always carry jumper cables in your car. They are used to jump-start an engine when the car battery runs out. You connect them from your battery to another car’s functional battery. A dysfunctional car battery can take you by surprise, and you can’t rely on the Good Samaritan to supply jumper cables.

But if all that sounds like too much work for you, worry not. Professional services such as Car Fit Experts know the best procedures to install a battery and offer prompt Car Battery Check and Replacement Services. At Car Fit Experts, you get original batteries from top brands like Exide and Amaron and a thorough car battery check to diagnose other issues with the car that slip your notice. 

Emergency Kit

If you spend most of your time on the road, keep an emergency kit in your car or maybe create a lighter traveller’s version of the emergency go-bag. Your safety supplies while on the road should always include a first aid kit, multi-tool, matchbox, canned food, blankets, water bottles, maps, and a weather radio. In any case, if you have ever tried to change a tyre or have attempted to connect the jumper cables to your car battery in the dark, you know how a flashlight can save the day.

When taking your car out, especially on long journeys, hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Assess your needs, anticipate the risks, and pack your car with supplies accordingly. This isn’t an exhaustive list and your car care needs based on your cars, may vary.

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