Frequently Asked Questions on Amaron Car Battery

Amaron Batteries are synonymous with path-breaking engineering, innovative research, and high performance. This manufacturer was the first to develop zero-maintenance automotive batteries in India. Amaron batteries were also the first to leave the factories fully charged, which means they were free from inconsistent charging at several dealerships. These measures assured that all Amaron batteries were created equal and would perform equally well.

The most significant change brought about by the manufacturer is perhaps the excellent battery life feature. This move revolutionised the automotive battery sector. Do you want to know more about Amaron Car Batteries before buying them? Here is a list of FAQs for your reference.

Why Do Amaron Batteries Last Long?

The secret behind Amaron battery’s lifespan is the patented SilvenX Alloy technology which allows it to last very long. These batteries can withstand sweltering summers and freezing winters year after year. Amaron batteries are resistant to harsh temperatures and vibrations. They are perfect for automotive enthusiasts who like off-roading or need to drive their vehicles on rougher terrains. An Amaron battery should last you anywhere between three to five years.

Are the RC and CCA of Amaron Batteries Good?

RC or Reserve Capacity and CCA or Cold Cranking Amps is a way of rating automotive batteries. Reserve Capacity refers to the number of minutes a fully charged battery can power the engine before getting discharged. Cold Cranking Amps refers to a battery’s ability to ignite an engine in colder temperatures. Amaron battery sets come with a high RC complemented further by high CCA ratings, thus making them very efficient during the winter months. Batteries with lower Reserve Capacity and Cold Cranking Amps tend to discharge faster as the cold weather slows down the chemical reaction inside them.

What Kind of Maintenance do Amaron Batteries Require?

Amaron batteries require zero maintenance. Just fit and forget! These sets do not need topping off with distilled water from time to time. Amaron car batteries incorporate certain modifications over conventional batteries that makes them maintenance-free. But, make sure that you keep your set clean and do not allow corrosion to form upon it. Use a dry cloth to dust off debris and grime settled on your Amaron car battery once a month.

Can I Buy an Amaron Car Battery Online?

Yes, you can buy an Amaron car battery online or via their tie-ups with reliable automotive care providers like Car Fit Experts. Log on to the manufacturer’s website and input your vehicle type, make, and model to select from a variety of high-performance Amaron batteries. Once your battery arrives, call Car Fit Experts on +91 95553 05044, and one of our several mobile technician vans will be at your doorstep in a swish. Avoid replacing your battery set all by yourself if you don’t have any prior experience in doing so.

How Does an Amaron Battery Work?

Amaron batteries work by converting chemical energy into electrical energy. A car’s ignition system then uses this electrical power for cranking the engine. Essentially, your vehicle’s battery is its beating heart. It also allows you to run wiper blades, charge mobile phones on-the-go, power headlights, cabin lights, and the stereo system. Always invest in an authentic, high-quality battery like the ones offered by Amaron.

Why Should I Buy an Amaron Battery for My Vehicle?

There are three things you must consider before purchasing a battery set – size, power and warranty. Amaron offers powerful battery sets for all types of vehicles and all possible weather conditions. Other than that, the manufacturer also provides a reliable warranty package, which means you will get a free quality replacement if your battery set dies within the warranty period.

The Bottom Line

Amaron batteries come factory-charged and ready-to-use with proper warranty certification. Whether you own an SUV, a sedan, or a hatchback, the manufacturer has a product for every possible vehicular segment.

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