How Long Does an Original Exide Battery Last?

It is a well-documented fact that Indian driving conditions are relatively challenging, and cars need robust batteries to withstand the strain. Be it manoeuvring through nasty traffic or uneven topography, high-performance battery back-up like the kind provided by Exide is a necessity. Furthermore, the sweltering summer temperatures in India can often take a significant toll on several components of a battery. However, you can avoid a world of pain if you are an Exide customer.

The Lifespan of Exide Automotive Batteries

An Exide automotive battery offers flawless performance for four to six years before discharging. Exide is a top-selling brand headquartered in Kolkata, India. The brand manufactures high-quality lead-acid batteries for the automotive sector and has been doing so for over seven decades. The brand offers sturdy and low-maintenance batteries that award your vehicle with a consistently high-performance year after year.

Advantages of Using an Exide Car Battery

Exide manufactures its batteries using a Hybrid Alloy System (HAS). This technology ensures that their products can comfortably endure the following three things.

Indian temperature differentials – Exide batteries provide high-performance regardless of the scorching heat or cold.

Battered Road Conditions – Exide batteries will not spill acid or come loose quickly when your car is on the move over a bumpy road.

Exide products can happily endure extraordinary temperatures under the bonnet of your car.

All Exide products come with proper warranty certification depending on the type of vehicle.

You can buy an Exide battery online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Factors That Can Cut Your Car’s Battery Life Short

If your automotive battery is relatively new but is struggling to take it, you need to get it checked by an automotive-care provider like Car Fit Experts. There can be a host of reasons for culling your new battery set’s power.

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Short Rides

Quick car rides do not give your battery’s alternator enough time to charge the battery, which is why it is essential to reduce the number of short drives. However, this does not mean that you have to drive your vehicle for a long time every time you sit behind the steering wheel. But, ensure that you do drive it for an extended period whenever you get the chance. Doing so will allow the alternator to charge your battery set, thus increasing its lifespan amply. If you are unable to use your car often, seriously consider investing in an automotive battery charger. These chargers can help jumpstart your car in case the battery dies, preventing you from being stranded at a random location.

Poor Installation

Installing a battery may seem like an ordinary task but it does require a certain level of efficiency to ensure that it’s properly fastened. Companies like Car Fit Experts have a skilled army of technicians that are highly adept at making sure that your automotive battery remains in place. A loose battery set can wobble and vibrate, resulting in damage to itself and other components under the hood.

Leaving Headlights On

Exiting your car without turning off headlights is a common mistake that can drain your battery within hours. Also, avoid the idyllic use of other features if you want your battery to last long. For instance, don’t leave your blower switched on once you have turned off the air conditioning. The engine powers a car’s A/C, but the fan is battery-powered. Make sure that you tightly shut the vehicle’s doors after getting out. A sloppily closed cabin door leaves the cabin light on, significantly draining off your battery.

Terminal Corrosion

The terminals of your battery corrode over time. The battery has acid that turns gaseous and evaporates out of the casing. This reaction causes the terminals to rust over time. If you spot a blueish build-up on your battery, clean the terminals. How? Take some baking soda and water. Mix them to formulate a solution. Dip a clean and hard toothbrush in the solution and scrub your terminals clean. After cleansing, use a spray bottle filled with water to rinse off the residue, then wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

Over to You

Do not purchase locally made automotive battery sets as they thwart feature functionality, come with zero warranty, and can cough up and die within a year. Trust battery brands like Exide and get them professionally installed by Car Fit Experts. We are India’s largest automotive-care network offering both in-store and door-to-door battery check and replacement services. Our team of experts provides a quick turnaround time and use top-of-the-line tools to repair or replace your car’s battery. At Car Fit Experts, we understand the value of your time, which is why we offer our services at your location of convenience. If you ever get stranded at a random place because your car battery died, call us, and one of our mobile vans will be there in a jiffy.

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