How to Choose the Best Car Battery Replacement Company?

Car batteries are responsible for powering up virtually every electrical component of your car. They also rev up the engine and power simple devices like windshield wipers and windows. Having a faulty car battery halts your vehicle completely. If you do not wish to endure a suddenly dead car battery, you must monitor it carefully.

Signs of a Dead Car Battery

Batteries are not permanent electrical fixtures and typically require replacement every 3 to 5 years. Knowing exactly when to replace your car battery with a new one maybe challenging, but there are some tell-tale signs of a weak battery that you can easily observe –

  1. Flickering or Dimmed Headlights

Your battery takes care of powering all the electrical components of your car, including the headlights and rear lights. If your car’s headlights flicker while revving up the engine or their brightness decreases visibly as they stay on, you must get your battery checked. Dim or flickering lights are an unmistakable sign of a weak car battery.

  1. Slow Cranking Engine

The engine of your vehicle requires some power during start-up. This power is supplied to it by your car’s battery. A drained battery fails to provide the necessary power to your car’s engine, resulting in slow crank up.

  1. Visible Signs of Damage

If you are doubtful of your car battery’s condition, check under the hood for visible signs of battery damage. Sulphation or corrosion at the battery terminals is the most frequent cause of battery death. Sulphation occurs as a result of lead deposition on the terminals, while improper greasing might be responsible for corrosion.

Alterations in temperature often cause the car battery to swell. Swollen battery cases are very easily noticeable and do not require excessive inspection. Cracks on the battery case is also a sign of battery damage.

Be Sure Before Replacing

While all of the signs mentioned above point toward battery failure, many of them might be a result of a fault in your car’s electrical system. Therefore, you must always have your battery checked by professionals before buying a new one.

Most battery replacement experts use multi-meters to inspect the condition of your car battery. A voltage reading of 12.45 or above signifies a healthy cell. The multi-meter test is usually preceded by a simple load test that indicates a weak battery.

Once you are sure that you need a new car battery, refer to your ‘vehicle owner manual’ to check for technical specifications of your existing car battery. These include battery group size, cold-cranking amps, and reserve capacity. These details are readily available on the label of your existing battery. If you are confused about these specs, approach Car Fit Experts and let our experts determine the best-fit for your vehicle.

Features to Look for in a Car Battery Replacement Company

Heading off to your local mechanic to get your car battery replaced might seem like an attractive choice. However, you must seek some critical features in your car battery service provider to ensure reliability during and post-installation.

  1. Wide Availability

Ensure that the service centres of your car battery replacement company are easily approachable. A pan-India presence is even better, for if you travel outstation with your car, you might want to have access to a service centre in case of an accidental battery failure.

  1. Doorstep Services

It is possible that you might get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead car battery. Having your car towed to a service centre is an expensive hassle. Always opt for a car battery replacement service that offers doorstep replacement services, so you don’t have to drive to a service centre if you want to get a new car battery.

  1. Safety First

Any replacement service that doesn’t ensure the highest safety standards during the car battery installation process is not the right choice. If battery replacement professionals do not observe the highest safety standards, they risk imposing permanent damage on your car and themselves. Ensure that your car battery installers wear appropriate protective gear and use safety equipment to test and replace your car battery.

  1. Customer Care

Your car battery replacement provider must be prompt with their customer service. It is better to opt for a service that maintains an online presence and offers customer service by phone, email or messaging. Excellent customer care warrants easy follow-ups after replacement, quick resolution of queries and hassle-free servicing.

  1. Product Quality

Always choose reputed companies for car battery replacement services that use high-quality products. There could be nothing worse for your car than to be stuck with a fake battery that comes with no warranty. We at AIS Car Fit Experts use only world-class batteries from reputed brands such as Exide and Amaron. So, when you connect with us, you can always be sure that you will get the best of the very best.

At AIS Car Fit Experts, we take care of all your car battery replacement needs with utmost care. Our professionals only choose the best quality products for your vehicle and observe the highest-rated safety standards while installing new car batteries. To find your nearest service centres, search “Car battery replacement services near me” using our centre locator. And what’s more, our services are extremely affordable. So, if you’re looking for cheap car battery replacement, get in touch with us today!