How to Keep Your New Car Battery Running Longer?

Just got a new car battery installed? If so, you might be looking for ways to make it last longer. Car batteries can run out fast especially in extreme weather conventions like snow and excessive heat, but you can keep them running longer requires only a few extra steps in your car’s maintenance routine. Some basic cleaning and regular checks by our professionals will help you extend the life of your new car battery.

Limit Short Trips

Frequent short trips mean your car battery has less time to charge and replenish itself. If you drive your car for longer periods, it gives it more time to charge as it is charged by the engine while driving. A few regular long trips can extend your new car battery’s life.

A car battery usually dies because of Sulphation when it becomes undercharged. Since most batteries contain a form of sulphate solution which powers the battery cells, overcharging can cause a battery’s fluid to leak out of the case and become toxic or corrode the positive and negative terminals. Undercharging, on the other hand, leads to Sulphation. This is when crystals start to form inside the solution if the battery remains discharged for a long time, which is what happens in the case of frequent short trips.

The same principle applies to keeping a car unused for a long time. If you do this, the car battery will naturally discharge but will not be able to recharge since the engine will not run.

Get Your Battery Cleaned

The top of your battery and terminals can accumulate dirt and grime which can cause mild short-circuiting and gradually flatten the battery. When you get your battery checked, the professionals will clean the grime off and ensure that it is completely clean and dry. If the battery is not cleaned, the terminals can corrode and kill the battery.

Use Electronics with Care

Take care that you do not use electronics while the engine is not active. This includes listening to the radio or keeping the AC on even while idling as extended idling can wear out the battery. Remember to turn off the headlights and car door lights when you exit your vehicle as these lights can also put a lot of pressure on the battery. It is also advised that you keep all electronics off at the time of starting the car.

Minimise Heat Exposure

Extreme heat increases the rate at which water evaporates from the cells even if the battery is sealed at the top. This means that the cranking power of the battery decreases, leading to ignition problems due to thickening of the engine oil. Extreme heat and cold can also cause the battery to swell and crack, making it die a premature death.

The best way to prevent this kind of damage is to park your vehicle in the shade or your garage if you have one.

Get a Good Battery Clamp

If your new car battery has loosened, a professional at AIS Car Fit Experts can use a good battery clamp to hold it in place. This is necessary since excess vibrations can reduce battery life by damaging its internal parts. This translates to gradual short-circuiting. Over-tightening of the clamp can also damage the battery components and make it short-circuit, so getting it tightened by professionals is advisable.

Take Care of Your Whole Car

If any parts of your car have become defective, like the starter solenoid, then they will cause voltage issues for the battery. Regular tune-ups of your car are necessary to keep every part in good working condition and to avoid putting excessive stress on the battery.

Choose the Right Battery

If your battery is of the wrong size, Ah rating, or reserve capacity, then it will die a premature death and take the health of your car with it. This is why professional help is necessary when installing a new car battery.

Despite everything, you must look out for warning signs since no battery will possibly last forever. If your car is showing any signs like slow start-up and making clicking sounds while starting, it means the battery has started to fail. Some other signs that might indicate battery failure include the check engine light being on, the low coolant lights flashing, a foul smell emanating from under the hood, or dimming headlights.

When your car battery eventually does run out, our qualified professionals at AIS Car Fit Experts can get it replaced in a safe and hassle-free manner. With our affordable door-to-door service in over 45 cities, AIS Car Fit Experts is your best bet for a reliable battery replacement with recommended brands like Amaron and Exide. Take advantage of quality battery checks and tune-ups and affordable installation of your new car battery – contact us for any battery-related concerns today!


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