How to Identify Best Battery for your Hyundai Santro?

Identify Best Battery for Hyundai Santro

When you purchase a brand-new Santro car, it is in perfect condition – it is shiny and everything appears to work perfectly. However, as you begin to drive your vehicle on Indian roads, you will realize how frequently it requires servicing to remain in a good condition and the battery life of a car is also a part of this servicing.

Things to consider when buying the best battery for your Hyundai Santro?

Most car batteries have a lifespan of 3-5 years, depending upon the nature of the trips and the climate. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when purchasing a new Santro car battery.

  1. Battery brand – If you are looking for a new Santro car battery then you must go for some good brand batteries like Amaron battery for Santro, and Exide battery for Santro. Exide and Amaron are both well-known industry names that provide some of the most dependable car batteries with high Reserve Power and CCA ratings. This guarantees that the car runs smoothly and without issues even in inclement weather. When it’s time forcar battery replacementexperts recommend these brands.
  2. Battery dimensions – Car batteries are classified into group sizes based on their length, width, and height. You can determine the required battery size by consulting the owner’s manual or your mechanic, and then comparing car batteries. The correct battery size is one that fits perfectly in the battery tray, securing the battery and preventing vibration damage.
  3. Reserve capacity – This is the amount of time the battery can run without the engine and before being discharged. A high Reserve Capacity helps the car get through tough circumstances such as a non – compliance engine, alternator failure, and accidentally leaving lights on.
  4. The freshness of the battery – The freshness of the battery is indicated by a code on the battery that consists of a letter and a number. The letter represents the month, and the number represents the year of manufacture, for example, B/4 represents February 2014. Never buy a battery that is more than six months old, as measured from the date of manufacture.
  5. Power required – Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Cranking Amps (CA) are the terms used here (CA). Cranking Amps refers to the energy required to start a vehicle at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas Cold Cranking Amp refers to the battery’s ability to start a vehicle at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. CCA is important in cold climates, and batteries with a higher CCA are recommended.
  6. Maintenance – There are two possibilities here: low maintenance and maintenance-free. The maintenance-free car battery is usually sealed, and the liquid electrolyte can run continuously throughout the battery’s life, eliminating the need forcar battery replacement. Low-maintenance batteries have unsealed caps that allow you to add filtered water on a regular basis.
  7. Terminal type and position – The positive terminal’s position affects the polarity of the car, and there is a risk of shorting if the positive terminal makes contact with the car’s metal shell. It is therefore critical to determine whether the positive terminal is on the right or left side of the car, depending on the model.
  8. The Ampere Hour – This is the amount of electricity that the battery can store (capacity). A higher Ah indicates that the battery can sustain a load for an extended period of time, reducing the likelihood of the battery running out.
  9. Life of the Battery – An auto parts store or battery specialist can check the battery life of your current battery. This will tell you whether you need a new battery or just some maintenance.
  10. Previous Experience – Consider your previous experience with the battery type before purchasing one. A battery that has served you well for a long time is beneficial, and you can always correlate your experience with friends.

How do we understand exactly if our Santro car battery is authentic?

Be on the lookout for malfunctions, such as flimsy and fragile packing materials or brand names that sound similar to well-known brands. If you are unsure, ask your mechanic or an auto part professional to assist you in looking for clues. They will be more aware of the telltale signs of subpar auto parts.

Best supplier for Santro car battery replacement near me

When it comes to talk about the best supplier forSantro car battery replacement, wealways recommend you aboutCar Fit Experts. They provide genuine products from leading manufacturers such as 3M, Amaron, Exide, Bosch, and Talbros Penray that have been tested and verified over time and found to be suitable for Indian conditions. The exterior of the battery, as well as the terminals and connections, should be clean and dry. If the battery is not going to be used for an extended period of time, any dust or spilled electrolyte should be cleaned, and the battery should be removed. To avoid any damage, it is best to let Car Fit Experts handle your battery.