Looking For Santro car battery Online? Know How to Get the Best Deal

Santro, the original “tall boy” and the quintessential “family car” of India, has been around for decades now – thanks to its economical pricing, reliable features, and spacious built. Santro is renowned for its low cost of ownership and good fuel economy, making it the perfect ride for Indian middle-class families.

Today, Hyundai’s hatchback has become synonymous for longevity. No wonder it continues to be one of the top-selling cars in India.

Nonetheless, to ensure a smooth run, the car’s battery needs to remain top-notch. If you are looking for a Santro car battery, try to get a good deal from a reliable brand.

How Can I Get the Best Battery Deal?

Buying a car battery isn’t as easy as it sounds. Multiple factors determine how value-for-money the battery purchase is. To get the best deal for your Santro car battery, follow these simple tips.

Right Battery Size

Like cars, batteries come in a variety of sizes. Improper battery fits can cause battery spills and leaks within months of installation. Before buying, make sure that the battery size is suitable for your car needs to avoid faulty installation.

Buy Fresh Battery

Always check the new Santro car battery’s manufacturing date, written on the battery case, before finalising the purchase. Ideally, batteries should be less than 6 months old to be considered “fresh”. If the battery is older than 6 months, don’t buy it.

Exchange Old Battery

Instead of discarding the old Santro car battery, try to look for exchange deals. Several vendors, both online and offline, offer discounted battery prices in exchange for old batteries. In this manner, you can make sure that the battery is discarded or recycled appropriately and save money on the battery purchase.

Maintenance Needs

There are two battery types currently available in the market: low-maintenance batteries and maintenance-free batteries, where the former is unsealed and the latter is usually the sealed type. For low-maintenance batteries, you need to add distilled water occasionally; something which you need not do for the maintenance-free type. Choose a new Santro car battery that suits your needs.

Compare Warranties

Purchase the new Santro car battery from a brand that offers the longest warranty period to enjoy free replacement services for longer. Moreover, you can also benefit from the prorated warranty period by getting partial reimbursements for battery replacements.

Buy from Reliable Brands Only

Make sure to buy your Santro car battery from reliable brands like Exide and Amaron to get the maximum benefits. They offer genuine, authentic car batteries that are designed to befit OEM standards and to power up your car for a long time. Besides, reliable brands provide free installation services and longer warranty periods.

Professional Installation

It does not matter how premium the car battery is; if it is not installed properly, it won’t perform well. Try to buy from your new Santro car battery from vendors or brands that supply free professional installation on battery purchase to make the most of your deal.

You can follow the tips mentioned above to score a great deal on your Santro car battery purchase.

However, if you wish to buy a premium-quality, authentic car battery, turn to Car Fit Experts!

Can I Find a Car Battery Near Me?

Yes, you can! Car Fit Experts has a wide network of service centres across India, where you can buy a Santro car battery easily. Or else, you can visit our website to purchase the battery online. We offer genuine, high-performance batteries from renowned brands like Exide and Amaron. India’s favourite automotive-care provider – Car Fit Experts – offers comprehensive car fit solutions for all your car needs. Avail our doorstep facility by calling us on +91 9555305044.

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