Maintenance free battery

The rapid growth in technology has greatly impacted the automobile industry and enabled companies to come up with interesting concepts like maintenance-free batteries. Maintenance-free batteries can be a great alternative to traditional batteries as they don’t require constant refills.

These batteries are sealed for life as they do not require any maintenance in the electrolyte levels. They lose electrolytes at a slower pace because they are equipped with terminals made of lead and calcium. It uses the oxygen and hydrogen released for further reactions, thus eliminating the need for adding water. All you need to do is wipe the battery’s outer body occasionally to keep it clean.

Types of maintenance free battery

Maintenance-free car battery illustration

There are two types of maintenance free batteries. The first kind uses acid in gel form (Gel) while the second kind utilizes glass fibre mats (AGM, Absorbent Glass Mat). Both the batteries produce water and oxygen on the positive plate and hydrogen on the negative plate to regulate water levels on their own. Here’s a brief introduction to both the batteries.

Gel batteries:

The gel battery is a lead-acid battery that is regulated by a valve and is extremely versatile and robust. It contains electrolyte along with silica fumes that result in gel-like substance. The gases recombine internally to make water so you won’t have to keep checking the water level or add distilled water every now and then.

It is highly sensitive to overvoltage while charging and if the wrong charger is used it may lead to poor performance. Its typical voltage range is 14-14.2 Volts and floating range is 13.1-13.3 volts. These are not as common as absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries. As they produce very low fumes they must be used in places with limited ventilation. They are spill-proof and vibration resistant. Moreover offer the lowest cost per cycle and month. Minimum risk of corrosion and sulphuric acid burns.

AGM Batteries:

Absorbent Glass Mat batteries are designed for high demands as they are versatile and have high performance. In structure, they are similar to that of a wet cell battery. Their electrolyte is not free-floating but rather bound in a glass fibre separator. Moreover, the airtight sealing ensures no water loss due to the recombination of oxygen and hydrogen internally. Its large contact area makes the battery leakproof and also contributes to power output. To ensure utmost safety by protecting the battery against excess pressure, the individual battery cell is equipped with a safety valve. In the case of battery life, an AGM battery can withstand three times more than a conventional starter battery.

Benefits of choosing maintenance-free batteries

If you have understood the basic working of the gel and AGM batteries but are still wondering why you should switch to maintenance-free batteries instead of traditional ones then read on to know more. We have listed the benefits of maintenance-free batteries so you can know for yourself how they help the environment and reduce maintenance cost and efforts in the long term.

  • Lower risk of overheating

  • Maintenance-free batteries use the terminals of lead and calcium which declines the overheating of the battery. It has a double ventilation system or you can say it contains a rapid cool down separator that avoids overheating of the batteries and also provides optimal temperature.

  • Regulates water level

  • It reuses the hydrogen and the oxygen gas released. There is an oxygen recombination cycle that utilizes the same hydrogen and oxygen again and again.

  • Self-sustainable

  • It has a closed system with featured self-sustainability that ensures greater safety and less servicing.

  • Spill-proof

  • Since the water is created within the battery itself, there’s no need to open the battery and pour water inside. This way, you don’t have to deal with potential spills and it also protects your hand from sulfuric acid which can harm your skin or clothes.

  • Greater durability

  • The oxygen recombination cycle and sealed top (with only a tiny hole as a vent) ensure minimal water loss and slows the self-discharge rate thereby increasing the durability of the batteries.

  • Reduced starting time

  • A maintenance-free battery starts up easily even in the cold weather due to its high reserve and cold-cranking capacity, so you won’t have to switch to public transport or make countless attempts to start the battery while you wait for it to heat up.

  • Greater resistance to corrosion

  • There is a risk to spill the water while refilling which can result in corrosion and since you don’t need to add water to maintenance free battery, there is reduced risk of corrosion. The battery contains corrosion-resistant grids inside the battery so you won’t have to put in additional efforts to remove the rust.

  • Greater performance

  • The resistance to corrosion and the no-spill and refill design of the batteries contributes to enhanced performance and lifetime.

  • Reduced changes of overheating and overcharging

  • Traditional batteries have liquid inside them which might start boiling in case of overcharging and melt the battery and cause an accident. Maintenance free battery uses lead and calcium terminals that reduce the chance of overcharging.

    The heat generated is released through the small vents provided and some batteries also utilize technologies like Rapid Cool Down separators to regulate the temperature.

  • Less gasification

  • The calcium inside the battery reduces the release of hydrogen which makes it safe to use in automobiles and homes.

  • Economical

  • The maintenance free battery is made while keeping the needs of the common man in mind. These batteries help in reducing maintenance cost, last longer and don’t require you to add water. All these help in putting in minimal efforts, time and money for the maintenance of the battery and make it an economical choice.

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