Myths about Car Battery Maintenance that Everyone Should Know

We all have that one car enthusiast who is always dropping some tricks and hacks about car maintenance on us. You might like hearing your friend talk passionately about automotive parts and how to get the best out of them, but when it comes to actually taking care of your beloved car, you should only rely on expert advice. One particular part of your vehicle that you should never entertain any myths about is the car battery.

The battery is at the heart of your car’s performance. Without a properly-maintained battery, your vehicle will not even start, let alone function properly. That’s because the starter that ignites the engine derives its power to do so from the battery. The car battery also provides a stable supply of electrical energy to keep your engine running smoothly. On top of that, the battery powers many vital components of your car, like the air-conditioner, power steering, power windows, headlights, and EBD, among many others.

In simple terms, the battery is one of the most crucial elements of your car, and you must maintain it properly to ensure good health of your vehicle. Despite the battery being such a key component, there are many myths floating around about car battery maintenance. Let’s tackle these myths one by one.

You Don’t Need to Perform Regular Battery Maintenance

It doesn’t matter if you’ve installed the best car battery you could get your hands on. Every battery requires regular maintenance. The battery works very hard to keep your car functioning optimally, and it might take some damage in the process. Consider taking your car to an experience service provider for regular battery maintenance so that they can check the alternator and terminals charge rate, clean the battery, and remove corrosive deposits. You need to make sure that your battery is in top shape to improve its performance and durability.

It is advisable to take your car for battery maintenance at least once every six months. You can also contact Car Fit Experts to get battery maintenance services right at your doorstep if you don’t have the time to bring your car to us personally.

You Can Extend Battery Life by Jump-Starting the Car

Jump-starting should only be used like it was meant to be used – in case of an emergency. Once your battery has expired, the best thing to do is to get it replaced by a new battery. Sure, a jump-start will get your car running, but the car will also require electricity for other components while it’s running. This will put extra load on your alternator to keep the battery charged and power other electrical systems in your car. As a result, you may end up reducing your alternator’s life. Additionally, a jump-start can leave your battery undercharged and build up lead sulphate on the battery plates.

Your Battery Won’t Deplete if You Don’t Drive Your Car

This is one of the most common myths about car batteries. Not driving your vehicle for a long time can cause the battery to short circuit and fail. One other way people try to increase battery life is by detaching the battery from the car. This is also an awful practice that will damage your car battery instead of improving its life. The only way to improve battery life is by performing regular maintenance.

Hot Temperatures are favourable for Your Battery

Insufferably hot or cold temperatures can adversely affect your car battery. Hot temperatures can cause the electrolyte solution in your battery to evaporate, thus reducing its life. Hot temperatures can also speed up the corrosion process in the battery terminals. This is why you should avoid driving and parking your car in extreme temperatures.

Your Battery is Definitely Dead if Your Car is Not Starting

Although your battery may have expired if your car is not starting, it’s not always the case. Your battery could have corrosion deposits built up on the terminals. In that case, you just need to get your battery cleaned. It is also possible that the fault is not in the battery but somewhere else. Worn out spark plugs, clogged fuel pipes, and a failed spark plug or alternator can also cause the car not to start.

Cheaper Low-Quality Batteries Can Function Just Fine

Generic low-quality batteries are not manufactured in well-regulated factories. As a result, these batteries can fail abruptly and even cause permanent damage to your vehicle’s engine. Moreover, cheap batteries do not even come with a warranty. This is why you should go for the best car battery for your car.

These were a few myths about batteries that you should steer clear of. 

Car Fit Experts for Battery Maintenance

If your car battery needs maintenance, contact Car Fit Experts today! Our skilled professionals will check and, if needs be, replace your car battery with a premium high-performance battery from industry leaders like Amaron and Exide. You can even have your car battery delivered at your doorstep with minimum turnaround time. So, wheel into one of our service centres or give us a call on +91 9555305044. Get in touch.


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