Points to Consider while Buying Wagon R Car Battery

Even after 20 years of its launch, Wagon R continues to rule the Indian automotive market. This quintessential “family car” is a favourite amongst the Indian middle class – no wonder it remains one of the top-selling cars month after month. In fact, no other car can rival Wagon R’s cabin space in the segment.

Renowned for its fuel-efficiency, spacious interiors, and affordability, Wagon R enjoys a long life. Nonetheless, your Wagon R car battery becomes an “old-timer” once its service life ends. In such a case, you should seek immediate battery replacement to avoid emergencies.

Confused about which car battery to buy for your Wagon R? Always consider the following factors to score the best deals.

Battery Size 

Car batteries are usually divided into group sizes based on height, width, and battery length. Before finalising the purchase, identify the right size and group of your Wagon R battery using the car manual. Moreover, the chosen car battery should perfectly fit in the tray of your Wagon R to prevent spills or leaks of the battery fluid. 

Storage Capacity 

The storage capacity of a car battery is measured in Ampere-hour. Higher the Ah rating, higher is the storage capacity of the car battery. However, different cars have different power needs. You can determine the storage capacity for your Wagon R based on the type of battery specified by your manufacturer and make a purchase accordingly.

Warranty Period 

A more extended warranty period is always favourable. Go for a car battery, which comes with a maximum warranty period of three to five years. That way, you can enjoy free battery repair or replacement services for a longer time. 

Maintenance Needs 

Presently, there are two main types of batteries available in the market – one is maintenance-free, and the other requires minimal maintenance every six months. You can choose an appropriate car battery based on your Wagon R make and model. However, a sealed maintenance-free battery is ideal. 

Battery Freshness 

A fresh battery is one that is less than six months old. To check, you can identify the battery’s manufacturing date and year on the battery case. On an average, a car battery lasts only three to five years, even with proper care. If the battery is older than six months, it will offer reduced output, so avoid purchasing one of those. Always buy fresh batteries for maximum output.

Bearing the above-mentioned points in mind, you can make a lucrative battery purchase for your Wagon R. However, the performance of your new Wagon R car battery will be directly influenced by your driving habits and battery-care practices. Make sure to routinely inspect the battery for a smoother, hiccup-free driving experience.

Always Go for Reputed Brands 

To make the most of your car battery purchase, always buy from reputed brands like Amaron or Exide. Get a host of benefits, from low-maintenance needs, sturdy manufacturing to longer warranties, and professional installation services. No wonder a vast majority of the cars on the Indian roads are powered by these brands.

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Car Fit Experts to The Rescue! 

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