Points to Keep in Mind While Buying Swift Car Battery

If you have ever opened the bonnet of a car, you will agree that the inside looks marvellous. The machinery of your car laid bare – its multiple components, tubes and wires, all can be a little overwhelming for anyone other than a mechanic or an automobile engineer. While you don’t have to know about every single component of the car, one of the things that you should know about in the quagmire that your car’s bonnet is, is your car’s battery.

The battery, in the simplest of words, is where your car’s heart and soul resides. It powers the various functionalities of your car – the stereo, fan, headlights, the dashboard signs, even supplies the required power to your car’s engine to turn on.

Your car’s battery can drain out if you leave the car unused for an extended period or if you overuse the functions that run on the battery without turning the engine on. This can even happen due to regular wear-and-tear. Having a thorough knowledge about your car’s battery will help you steer clear of unfortunate situations – premature battery death in particular, especially in the middle of nowhere. The best time to gain knowledge is before purchasing a Swift car battery itself.

Given below is a list of things to keep in mind.

  1. Battery Size

Car Batteries come in different group sizes, meant for different cars. The battery that you choose must fit into the battery tray of your car. A loose-fitting battery will cause damage and can also lead to spillage of the electrolyte solution. To know the correct dimensions of your car’s battery, you can refer to your existing battery or your car owner manual. If you are unable to gather the dimensions and are still confused about which Swift car battery to buy, then you can get professional help from a reliable and experienced expert.

  1. Ampere-Hour Rating

Different cars have different energy needs (measured in ampere per hour); while shopping for a battery, you must opt for one that meets your car’s requirement. A battery with a high Ampere-hour (Ah) rating will keep problems like dipping charge at bay, will be useful for situations when your alternator fails, and will give you quality service for a very long time. However, buying a battery which has a higher Ah rating than what is required by your car will put unnecessary extra load on your car’s alternator. As a result, your battery will take exceptionally long to charge.

Maruti Suzuki Swift car battery should have 35 Ah rating.

  1. CCA Capacity

Cold Cranking Amps, as the name suggests, is the amount of energy required by your car to crank up at 32-degree Fahrenheit. You should give more importance to this if you live in colder regions because the car would need more energy to start. In case you dwell in an incredibly cold area, choose a battery with a high CCA rating, and vice-versa.

  1. Manufacturing Date

Batteries manufactured within the last six months are usually considered to be fresh stock. You must ensure that the battery that you purchase is fresh stock because an older battery will give reduced output. You can figure out the manufacturing date from the serial number on the battery.

  1. Warranty

Warranties are especially crucial, so never compromise on such. Make sure the Swift car battery you purchase comes with a relevant warranty period. This will act as a safety net in case your battery should ever need early repair or replacement.

  1. Brand

Going for a cheaper, non-branded product might seem like a tempting option, but if you consider the long run, non-branded batteries usually have a low output and come with no warranty. Plus, the chances of these batteries being faulty are high. Instead of having to rush to a workshop to get your car’s battery replaced repeatedly, it is better that you opt for quality, branded batteries. Amaron and Exide manufacture the best Swift car batteries in the market.

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