A Simple Guide To Buying The Best Car Battery Online In India

With the pandemic making most people feel reluctant to leave their homes, there has been a significant surge in online shopping. While it’s easy to purchase general items like clothing and food online, narrowing down specialised items, such as car batteries, can be much harder. From identifying the right battery for your needs to tips on buying a car battery online in India, this article covers everything you need to know to have a positive consumer experience!

How to find the right website to buy a car battery online in India?

Online marketplaces typically allow vendors to sell their wares to consumers – and while such large-scale marketplaces may seem like the most convenient platforms to buy a car battery online in India, the truth is that you can’t always bank on vendor reliability. This is why you must buy a car battery online in India from e-commerce websites that function specifically within the automotive industry. 

Here’s a quick checklist for you to refer to when looking for a platform to buy a car battery online in India:

  • Does the website source directly from manufacturers? A great way to ascertain whether a website is reliable is by checking if it sources its goods directly from the manufacturers (as opposed to third-party vendors). This is because you can rest assured knowing that the quality of the product will be as high as the brand intends it to be. Check whether the website sells batteries made by prominent brands like Amaron and Exide before going through with the sale.
  • Is there a customer helpline number/e-mail ID displayed on the website? Another element to check for is whether there’s any information that shows you how you can get your queries answered. Your vehicle will most likely require a specific battery and buying the wrong one can lead to engine damage. To prevent this, you should be able to speak to someone who can recommend the right battery for your vehicle. Brands that put their customers first are often the most reliable ones, which is why this element works as a reliable indicator of whether you should pick one website over the other.
  • Is there an FAQs section that helps you understand the payments and deliveries process? Every website that sells products has its own set of protocols when it comes to payments, refunds and deliveries. In the wake of the pandemic, most e-commerce websites have taken the initiative to put up helpful banners on their pages to inform the customer about delayed deliveries or new payment protocols. Even if the website you’re perusing doesn’t have this, it is likely to have an FAQs section that details the payments process and everything else you need to know. Make sure you go through the information before you make any purchases. This will help you avoid a disappointing experience.
  • Will they send someone to help install the car battery? Now, all the elements listed above help you buy a car battery online in India – but what happens once the battery is in your hands? You need a professional to help install the battery in the car and ensure that all is in order. Thus, when you’re looking to buy a car battery online in India, make sure that the website you’ve shortlisted also offers battery installation services (or have tie-ups with reliable garages across India). This way, all your needs will be met at one place and you won’t have to scamper to find a mechanic.

How to choose the right battery when buying a car battery online in India?

Once you’ve found a website to buy a car battery online in India, your next step would be to identify the right battery for your car. While we’ve detailed the process in our blogs, here’s a quick snapshot of the factors you need to consider when buying a car battery online in India:

  • OEM Specifications: As mentioned above, each car needs specific batteries to function optimally. Check which battery matches your OEM specifications and buy one accordingly.
  • Warranty: Always pick a product that comes with a warranty just in case you end up with a battery that dies well before its time. This will help you save money on the replacement.
  • Renowned brands: When it comes to buying a car battery online in India, experiment is not the answer. Pick batteries manufactured by reliable brands to avoid a negative experience.

Why Choose AIS Car Fit Experts when buying a car battery online in India?

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