Simple Tactics to Get Your Verna Car Battery Replaced at Low Cost

Power, speed, comfort and reliability. These are the basics that we demand from our cars. For this, we keep a close eye on its engines, the body, cleanliness, gearing and clutch. However, we seldom pay attention to a component without which, no matter how reliable, powerful, comfortable or fast the car is, it just won’t work. The car battery. The source of all electrical energy in your car. It turns on the lights, sparks the engine to life, cools or warms the cabin, wipes your windows and does so so much more.

Without a properly functioning battery, the reliability of your car goes out of the window. So, you need to always keep a close eye on the performance of your battery.

Factors Influencing Your Battery Life

There are quite a few factors that influence your car’s battery life. These factors often dictate when you should go for a car battery replacement.

Car Battery and Hot Weather

It may come as a surprise but water is as essential to your car battery as it is to us. Mind you, this doesn’t mean you go pouring water on the car battery if it is not functioning properly. Car batteries have liquids in them which enables them to function properly. In peak summers and heat waves, if the temperature gets too high, the water from battery acid starts to evaporate little by little. This can lead to subpar performance, low starting power and a short battery life.

High temperatures can also cause far-reaching damage to your battery. Too much evaporation of water in your battery can increase the likelihood of rusting and corrosion within the battery. This leads to battery malfunction and drainage.

Car Battery and Cold Weather

Extreme cold weather doesn’t do your battery any favours either. It makes your battery work harder to generate enough energy to keep your car warm. It also increases the viscosity of engine oil which in turn affects the battery life. Overall, it makes the battery work double-time to generate enough power which brings down the life of the battery.

People living in places that experience extreme weather should always keep a check on their batteries during peak summers or winters. Bring your car to AIS Car Fit Experts during these extreme seasons and we would do a quick, error-free check, using world-class equipment and trained experts. We offer the perfect solution for all cars like the that ensures you can drive anywhere any-weather. We also provide battery replacement a Verna car battery nd repair solutions should your Hyundai Verna battery require it.

How you Drive Matters

Your driving habits also influence the life of your battery. Or more accurately, your car usage affects your battery life. Now, you may think the more you drive the more you use your battery, right?

No, that is not true. If you take your cars for short trips. Let’s say to the market, or your friend’s house, to the movies and not anywhere else, these short trips will end up costing you more battery life. This happens because the battery doesn’t get enough time to charge itself back when you are driving. Batteries use the power generated by the engines to recharge itself and need time to do so. So, let’s say you have a Hyundai Verna. It is better for your Verna car battery to go on a long trip than take infinite mini-trips.

Now, you may think that cars that are just kept in the driveway or parked someplace for a long time should preserve all its charge. Wrong again. The Battery discharges passively even when the car is not turned on.

Long story short, take your car out, it is meant to be driven on long trips!

Now, we know how important the battery is to the car. In human terms, it is akin to our heart. It makes everything work. A car simply ceases to function without a battery. So how long does a car’s heart last?

Car battery Lifespan

The average lifespan of a car battery can last anywhere from 2 to 5 years, depending upon weather, use, damage, accident and other factors. In a lot of cases, people often have to get the battery replaced earlier than the recommended time period as the battery often deteriorates before that. You can always rely on experienced professionals like AIS Car Fit Experts to tell you which battery will last the longest and how to take care of it.

Know When to Replace Your Car Battery

When your battery starts to go, there are plenty of symptoms that tell you it is time to replace your battery.

Electrical Problems

Your car battery not only jump-starts your engine every time you go for ignition, but it also runs all your other electrical components like headlights, air conditioning, windshield wipers, inner lights, power windows and much more. If you notice any one of them malfunctioning, like dim headlight, delayed power window response or low a/c blower speed, it means your battery is getting weak.

Ignition Trouble

When starting the car, if you feel it is not igniting smoothly, if the response is sluggish and you have to do it a couple of times, know that there is some issue with the system. The chances of a battery malfunction or drain are quite high in this situation. It is always recommended to get it checked by a professional rather than labouring through the issue.

Check Engine Light

Always check the ‘Check Engine Light’! Car manufacturers specially put in this light to warn owners there is something wrong with the entire system. It can mean there is something wrong with the engine itself, the electrical components or even the battery.

Bad Smell

If you ever open the bonnet of your car and encounter a foul smell, as if something has rotten away inside, it could mean there is a gas leak. For some reason, the battery housing might have been damaged leading to this leak. In this situation, we highly recommend you seek professional assistance to get it checked. They would recommend the best course of action for you.


There are metal parts in a battery and as we discussed earlier, certain weather conditions can cause these metal parts to rust. The usual culprits of this are the battery connectors. If you notice an ash-like coating over the battery connectors, it is recommended you get it cleaned. An uncleaned connector can cause voltage issues in your car. If left unattended it can gradually deteriorate the overall health of your car and cause electrical equipment to short or malfunction.

Fluid Levels

Always check your car battery’s fluid levels. The fluids are the reason your battery generates power. They are the chemicals that react to produce electrical energy. If the fluid levels ever get below the lead plates, it is time to get a replacement.

Can Battery Performance be Tested?

Yes, your battery can be tested to see if it is performing optimally. Visit your nearest AIS Car Fit Experts, and we can help you assess if your battery is functioning optimally. Based on this our experts will recommend if you should repair or replace the battery.

A lot of people ask if they can do it themselves. The simple answer is, it is a complex job that requires experience and a lot of technical know-how. If you do it incorrectly, your car is at a greater risk.

At AIS Car Fit Experts our experienced technicians run standardised checks and provide excellent car battery repair and replacement services so that you can enjoy a great ride every time. Visit us to get the best Hyundai Verna battery price amongst a host of other car batteries at low prices.