Suggested: 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Car Battery

Your car’s battery powers its engine and its electrical components and is thus a vital part of its design machinery. So, for a hiccup-free driving experience, you need to look after your car battery from time to time.

The car battery’s limited lifespan is a variable of how you use your vehicle, the load on the vehicle, its brand, the climatic condition in which you live, and several other factors. Top brands in the Indian market include Amaron, Exide battery, Bosch battery, etc. However, most car batteries work smoothly for the first three years and then it is time for a replacement.

It is a tricky decision to make the car battery’s ideal choice, as several factors are involved. For example, car engines require more power to start in colder climates. So, a battery with a high CCA can offer a hassle-free cold start at or below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Here are five things you should consider before you buy a new car battery to help you compare your options.

Battery Size
Like the different sizes of cars – SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, etc. – there are different battery sizes. Car battery sizes are grouped in terms of length, width, and battery height. The best way to arrive at a decision for the same is to check your existing battery’s dimensions.

You may ask why does the battery size matter! Your car’s battery is fitted in a battery tray. The tray is designed to accommodate a specific battery size, and thus, any discrepancy in the sizing can lead to damage to the tray due to vibrations or fluid spillage. It translates into further damage to the car’s components. So, the battery size is a crucial factor. Batteries like the Exide battery come in all standard sizes and make your buying journey simpler.

Battery Freshness
What is the freshness of a car battery? The date of manufacture of the battery decides the car battery’s freshness. A year-old car battery will have a lower output and power backup than a newly manufactured one.

For instance, an Exide battery has a high wet shelf life, which can work without recharges for roughly six months from the manufacturing date. With that being said, we suggest you not to buy a battery that is older than six months. You can check the battery’s freshness by looking at its code. The code is a combination of a number and an alphabet. The number indicates the year of manufacture and the alphabet symbolises its manufacturing month.

Warranty of the Battery
Why is the warranty important? It ensures that you can avail of free replacement if any issue arises during the warranty period. Additionally, a longer warranty period is an indication of the high quality of the product. It shows the company’s confidence in its product’s build and quality.

Given this, a battery with a warranty period of over 48 months is value for money. An Exide battery can come with a warranty of up to 72 months. Keep the warranty card safely to avail of replacements during the warranty period if need be.

Storage Capacity of Battery
The measurement factor for the storage capacity is known as Ampere-hour or Ah. It is a measure of the sustenance capacity of your car battery. Each car has a unique power requirement. Accordingly, you have to select a car battery that falls under its group.

For instance, let us consider a high-end sedan such as the Audi A3. An Exide battery for this car should have a battery capacity of 100AH. The Ah rating shows how powerful the battery is. So, a higher Ah indicates a more powerful battery. If you end up choosing a battery with Ah rating lower than your current battery, then you will face issues while cranking up the engine, particularly in colder climates.

High Capacity
Sometimes, car owners forget to turn off the vehicle’s headlights overnight. As a result of this, the car battery discharges. This is where the reserve capacity of RC of the car battery comes into play. RC refers to the period in which the battery can run on autonomous power without making use of the engine.

A car battery, such as the Exide battery, has a high reserve capacity and can be of significant help in case of a non-compliant engine or alternator failure. Car batteries with decent or high reserve capacity can cost more than others, but they have greater longevity and life expectancy. Such batteries recharge faster and deliver greater output even with a dip in the charge.

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