Swift Dzire Battery Replacement Warranty: Critical Things You Need To Know

Important information about Swift Dzire battery replacement

Would you all agree if we say that the battery is the lifeblood of your Swift Dzire car and the mind of other mechanical components? Well, of course, as everything is powered by it, including the fuel system and the headlights. Although there are numerous reasons why a battery could die, manufacturing flaws are uncommon to blame. You can just get back on track as soon as possible if you have a basic understanding of your car battery and its warranty.

Swift Dzire Battery Replacement: All You Need To Know About The Warranty You Get

When buying a Swift Dzire car, the majority of you might believe that the warranty will cover every part of it. Well, keep in mind that you are not mistaken. Normally, a car battery guarantee lasts for 2 years or 36,000 miles from the day you bought the battery. Not just this, several warranties even have a five-year coverage period.

When we talk about Swift Dzire battery warranty, there is not only a single type of it but rather a few kinds of warranties available. So, let us have a look at the types of battery replacement warranties you might get!

  • Pro-rata Warranty
  • Have you ever heard of this term before? Well, when your car battery is covered by a pro-rata warranty, you don’t get a new battery in the event of malfunction or breakdown. In such a case, you get a discount on the battery’s current price and a new warranty will be provided for batteries bought under the pro-rata warranty claim.

  • Free Replacement Warranty
  • As we mentioned Free Replacement Warranty, let’s get to know about it now! Your battery will be replaced for free under the Free Replacement Warranty if it breaks down or exhibits some other defect. Varying businesses, however, have slightly different rules regarding what constitutes a defect or damage. Most businesses do not provide a free replacement in cases when the damage is exterior, such as when the battery has been hammered, the plastic covering has been harmed, or the battery terminals have been harmed.

  • Composite Warranty
  • The above-mentioned two are the main types of car battery warranties available but there are brands that offer a combination of the two. Such companies might offer both Free Replacement and Pro-rata warranty at the same time when you buy a battery for a car. A battery warranty, for instance, can include a year of free replacement and then a year of pro-rata coverage.

Car Battery Warranty: When To Avail It?

Many of you might be wondering when you can avail your Exide battery warranty. Well, you can claim it in the following two situations:

  • When Your Car Battery Is Damaged
  • If your car battery has been disrupted or is not operating correctly, you may be able to make a warranty claim. It is essential to enrol your information with the company after purchasing your warranty. Usually, this is done online.

  • When Your Car Battery Dies
  • While your battery is still covered by warranty, if you suspect an issue, go to a licensed mechanic and have the issue verified. Once it has been determined that the Exide battery is dead, be ready with the model, and manufacturing date of your car battery because you might need it when making a claim.

Car Battery Warranty: Important Points To Keep In Mind

You can’t expect to successfully claim a warranty just because your Amaron battery warranty period is not over. We know you might be confused but all we are saying is that you need to keep a few things in mind before availing of a warranty.

  • Warranty Begins From The Original Purchase Date
  • The actual customer’s date of purchase is the beginning point for the car battery warranty. So, if you bought a reconditioned car, be sure to look over the warranty. If your battery needs to be replaced under warranty, the fresh battery’s warranty will start from the purchase date of the new battery rather than that of the replacement battery. Keep this in mind when you buy a battery for your car.

  • You Must Possess The Original Warranty Card
  • You can’t just say that your car battery is under the Amaron battery warranty period and expect to claim it. Instead, you should keep in mind that you can avail of a warranty only when you have the original warranty card with you. So, you need to keep your warranty card safe with you.

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