The Battery Just Right for Your Alto Car: Check Out

In India, owning a car is akin to luxury. Often adorned with garlands and a quick trip to a temple upon purchase, families welcome new cars like they would a new-born child i.e. with celebrations galore. No wonder, buying a car is a dream for many Indians.

And if you have seen Indian roads, you know – Alto is everywhere! A highly affordable, economical, and reliable investment, this “family” hatchback has been a favourite of the Indian middle-class for over 16 years now.

Alto can easily cover a distance of 1,00,000 km with minimal, basic servicing at a low-maintenance cost. Yet, over time, the Alto car battery can become weak or start to fail and need a battery replacement immediately.

But, before zeroing in on a car battery for replacement, consider this:

How to Choose the Right Alto Car Battery?

Since the automotive market is flooded with different types of car batteries, the selection process can be tedious and time-consuming. Not to forget, many vendors mislead customers into buying duplicate, unoriginal car batteries that cost more in the long run. Here’s how to streamline the process –

When in doubt, rely on these key factors:

Battery Type – Different car batteries have different features, maintenance needs, and a lifespan that can either support your car’s demands or cannot. So, choose wisely.

Battery Group Size – A battery’s group size depends on its make, model, and engine type. If the battery size is right, it will fit inside the hood perfectly.

Reserve Capacity – Batteries with high Reserve Capacity can keep your car running for longer, in case of events like non-compliant engine, failed alternator, etc.

Power Requirement – A battery’s power is determined by its Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) rating. A CCA rating defines a battery’s ability to start the engine at 32 degrees Fahrenheit – the higher the rating, the better.

Nonetheless, your car driving habits and the correctness of the installation process also influence the functioning of your replaced Alto car battery.

The Right Battery for Your Alto Car

For various Alto variants, Exide and Amaron are two of the most reliable batteries available, specially designed to meet the unique conditions of Indian roads.


In India, Exide is producing some of the finest car batteries that are suitable for all Alto variants. You can choose from a wide range of extensive car batteries, available at reasonable prices. Exide batteries are maintenance-free, and renowned for being sturdy, long-lasting, reliable, and meeting high-energy needs effortlessly. Also, they come with excellent spill-resistant abilities to withstand rocky roads.


A leading battery manufacturer in India, Amaron is the perfect fit for your Alto car battery. Key features of Amaron car batteries include long life, high cranking power, zero-maintenance, high heat tolerance, and more. They comply with all OEM-claimed standards to deliver good battery performance. Best of all, Amaron batteries come with a charge-eye indicator system that provides accurate battery health status.

Trust Car Fit Experts!

If you are looking for authentic Alto car battery, then visit Car Fit Experts’ website to purchase genuine Exide and Amaron batteries online. Save yourself a trip to the auto shop; we will deliver your car battery at your doorstep!

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