Things You Should Keep in Mind While Ordering a Car Battery Online

Car batteries power up your car’s engine, windshield wipers, headlights, and the cooling system. Indeed, they are the powerhouse of your vehicle. Much like any other equipment, they, too, have a fixed lifespan and need to be replaced every few years. Being stuck with a dead car battery is every driver’s worst nightmare, one which you can avoid by monitoring yours regularly.

The Workings of a Car Battery

Most battery cells are manufactured using the principle of energy conversion. A chemical electrolyte and electrodes are contained within a battery’s body. When prompted by the engine, the chemical energy of the electrolyte is converted into electrical energy, which powers the motor and other electrical systems of the car.

Some tell-tale signs of a dead car battery are:

  • Flickering headlights or dimmed interior lighting
  • Slow-cranking engine
  • Intermittent ignition issues
  • Battery swelling or corrosion

These are just some signs; there could definitely be other reasons. Hence, having a professional check your car battery before replacing it is a good idea. At AIS Car Fit Experts, our professionals use several electrical and manual methods to determine whether your battery needs replacement. We also recycle used batteries using eco-friendly methods.

What Should You Know Before Ordering a Car Battery Online?

Finally the day you’ve been waiting for has arrived – the day to enjoy a weekend road trip with your family following a tiring week of work. You excitedly get into your car but the moment you turn the key for ignition, your car just won’t start. After a thorough inspection, you suspect the problem might be the battery. “Oh right! It’s been over two years since I got the battery replaced!” you wonder, apprehension written all over your face. Not only has the road trip gone to pot but now you’re burdened with an additional hassle – the hassle of contacting your mechanic or running to a local store that sells car batteries. However, online shopping is one of the most convenient ways to shop for a car battery. To avoid being lost in the online market, make yourself familiar with some general technical specifications related to your car’s battery.

  • Battery Size

Car batteries are divided into different groups based on their sizes. These group sizes are different for different car models. Before buying a new car battery, check the label of your existing battery to determine its group size. Alternatively, you can refer to your ‘vehicle owner manual’ to know your car battery’s group size. If you fail to understand this specification, contact AIS Car Fit Experts and let our professionals determine the correct battery group size for your car.

  • Manufacture Date

The electrolyte of a car battery may weaken with time. Whenever you shop for a new car battery, look for one that is no more than three months old from the day of purchase. Ensuring this will spare you premature future replacements.

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty

Warranties are your saviour if some fault occurs in your car’s battery due to a manufacturing defect. Always purchase a cell that has an extended warranty period and is preferably from a brand that offers excellent replacement services. Most warranties regularly come with a free replacement period followed by a prorated period. Check the exact details about the duration of these periods before ordering a battery online.

  • Reserve Capacity

The Reserve Capacity indicates the time for which a battery can support your car’s electrical system with the engine turned off. Usually, batteries with high reserve capacities save the vehicle from several electrical defects like alternator failure and a non-compliant engine. Reserve capacity varies with car brands and models. It is essential to shop for a battery that has the exact reserve capacity as demanded by your car’s make.

  • Cold Cranking Amps and Ampere Rating

Cold Cranking Amps is the energy required for engine start-up. This rating is dependent on the climate where the car functions. Generally, the CCA ratings for batteries used in colder climates are high. Always order a battery with the exact CCA specification as your existing car battery. The ampere rating of your new car battery should either be equal to or higher than that of your pre-installed one. However, avoid batteries with extremely high ampere rating to prevent slow-charging.

  • Car Battery Brand

While it may be tempting to choose a cheap replacement for your car’s dead battery, do not compromise with quality. Brands like Exide and Amaron manufacture high-quality batteries for most car models. These brands are known for their excellent service, wide availability and valid warranty. You can buy original Exide and Amaron car batteries at AIS Car Fit Experts. When you order car battery online, choosing branded car batteries becomes all the more necessary if you wish to avoid cyber fraud or fake batteries. 

Car Battery Installation

Once you order car battery online, you are only halfway through the replacement process. Careful car battery installation is your next step. And highly qualified professionals such as AIS Car Fit Experts are readily available to smoothen out the next half of the process.  At AIS Car Fit Experts, our professionals know what is right for your car and maintain optimum safety precautions while carrying out the process of installation. Moreover, if you cannot visit our service centres for unavoidable reasons, we will gladly come visit you and your car wherever you are!

To shop for high-quality Exide and Amaron batteries, visit AIS Car Fit Experts today.