Why Timely Wiper Blade Replacement Is Necessary?

When it comes to driving, good road visibility is extremely important to ensure the safety of the occupants in the car. Wiper Blades in the car also plays an instrumental role in keeping the windshield clean and tidy. The windshield can become dirty when you are driving in rainy or snowy weather. The silicon or rubber strip of the wiper helps in the removal of dust, dirt, snow, and raindrops.

The wear and tear on the wiper blades can put a limitation on its performance. For safe driving, it is recommended to keep a close watch on the wipers and replace them when necessary.

Life Span of Wiper Blades

With regular maintenance, wipers can last close to six months or one year. Wipers cannot be repaired, but with proper care, their life-span can be extended. Since wiper blades are closely associated with the safety of the passengers, it is recommended to replace the wipers within a year, even if they are in good condition.

Here are few tips to keep wiper blades in good condition:

  • Never use wipers on dry surfaces. The windshield should be completely wet for the proper functioning of the wiper.
  • In snowy conditions, keep the wipers lifted from the surface to avoid them from getting stuck with the windshield. This will harden the wiper blade and make it brittle.
  • If you intend to clean the windshield, ensure there is enough wiper fluid in the vehicle.
  • Make sure wiper fluid jets are in proper condition and the fluid spreads evenly within the wiper radius.

Now that you know how to keep the wiper blades in top-notch condition, we have a close look at the ‘replacement aspects’ of wiper blades.

Signs for Wiper Replacement

Here are some of the early indicators that should be looked out for when considering replacement of wiper:

  • Jerky motion on the windshield
  • Leftover water traces within the wiper radius
  • Cracks on the wiper blades
  • Reduced visibility when driving
  • Squeaking or scratching sound on the windshield If these signs are ignored, the wiper blades may deteriorate further and leave scratches on the windshield.

Importance of timely care and replacement of wiper

It is imperative that a damaged wiper adds to the maintenance cost of the vehicle. This cost not only includes the wiper replacement cost but also includes the damages caused to the car’s windshield by the damaged wiper.

A damaged wiper will reduce the visibility during rainy season and driving with such type of wiper blades can be hazardous to the lives of the passengers. Wipers blades are one of the most ignored components of the vehicle but they should be replaced when there is an absolute necessity. Wiper blades are not costly since their starting cost is close to Rs. 300. The cost will vary based on the type and quality of wiper blades.

Irrespective of the condition of the wiper blades, it is recommended to replace the wiper blades when used for 6 to 12 months. This will avoid any untimely damage and hazards, something that can cause significant damage to the occupants in the vehicle.

Who can help with the wiper replacement

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To know more about wiper blades, you can refer to the ‘Car Fit Experts blog’ which gives insights on “Dos and Don'ts” of replacement of wiper blades.