Tips for Selecting the Best Wiper for your Car

Did you know that damaged car wipers can lead to a serious road accident? Wiper blades are an important safety feature of your vehicle that increase visibility during extreme conditions like rains, storms or snow. They also help wipe away debris and dust from the windshield if it is extremely dirty or you are driving on some gravel roads. Yet, when it comes to choosing the right car wiper, we hardly give it any thought.
What many car owners don’t know is that there is no “one size fits all” rule for your windshield wipers. Also, buying the most expensive wiper blades may not guarantee you the best performance either. Then, what are the things that you should look for while purchasing your new windshield wipers? Read further to find out.

Why Should You Replace Your Car Wipers?
The short answer to this question is that wiper blades have an expiration date. Over time, wiper blades suffer from daily wear and tear and lose their efficiency. An easy method to tell whether you need to change your car wiper is to check for streaks and spots on the windshield along with a high pitched squeaking sound. This implies that the rubber blades have worn out and need replacing.
Besides, it can be dangerous to drive with damaged car wipers. A large number of car crashes occur due to harsh weather conditions. Hence, having good quality wipers can save you from a terrible fate. According to experts, the life span of a car wiper is somewhere between six months to a year after which they start deteriorating.

How to Select the Right Car Wipers
Now, that you know why it is necessary to replace your car wipers, let us look at some easy tips to help you choose the right car wiper.

Read the Car Manual
The simplest way to determine the right wiper blades for your vehicle is to bring out the old instructions manual. As there are different sizes of wipers available in the market, checking the manual will help you figure out the right size and type of car wiper meant for your car. So, check your manual before you head out to buy your new wipers.

Measure the Old Wipers
Grab a measuring tape to measure the length of the wiper blade. Wiper blades are available in many different lengths so you must know the length that you require for your car. Also, you must select the correct length or else, the blades might bump into each other and get damaged easily. You can also search for the right size of car wipers online for your vehicle.

Compare the Model
Most of the car wipers perform well when they are new but tend to perform poorly a short while later as the rubber gets damaged. If you have been using simple rubber wiper blades and feel they work fine then stick to them or else you can replace the model. Windshield wipers are now available in a variety of high-quality blades and even different materials like Synthetic rubber blades or silicone blades.

Consider the climate
If you live in an extremely cold climate then you will need a special kind of blades called winter blades. Some of these winter blades are infused with another material such as Teflon or graphite which makes them more durable. Winter blades are more expensive than normal rubber blades but will last you longer than the latter which makes them a good investment.

Ask for Assistance
Lastly, if you are still unsure about which car wiper is best for your car, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help. It is always better to consult an expert than wasting money on the wrong products. Moreover, a professional will be able to not just help you choose the best wiper but also replace your old wipers right away.
Therefore, you can either visit your nearest service centre to get your wiper blades replaced or call a professional to get the job done at your own place.

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