Tips to Hire Car Battery Replacement Professional at Home

Hiring a professional for home car battery replacement

Technically the estimated average lifespan of car batteries is around three to five years. This means that you need to replace a car’s battery every five years to run your car smoothly. Although you will typically receive a few warning signs when your car’s battery is deteriorating. However, you may suffer sudden battery failure as well. Therefore replacing your battery can be a good alternative to stop any sort of undesirable consequences. But replacing a car battery can sometimes be an annoying and time-consuming task. But don’t worry this blog will help you understand the detailed steps for hiring a car battery replacement professional at home.

Why is the car’s battery useful?

The most important role of a car battery is to start the engine. It includes all the electrical systems in the car including radio systems, car lights, windshields etc. Moreover, it acts as a mini generator and it recharges while you drive from the alternator. The average power required by a car battery is usually 12 volts. However, with continued usage, the internal parts of a battery deteriorate thereby reducing its ability to recharge and hence leading to its replacement.

What kind of batteries are being used in cars?

With different kinds of batteries on the market, it may become difficult to choose the right type for your car.

Maintenance-free batteries can be a better alternative as they don’t require any maintenance and hence are used quite widely. Maintenance-free batteries are sealed for life by the manufacturer itself. They do not compel any supervision of the electrolyte tiers. This is so because they use terminals made of lead and calcium. These batteries don’t require service attention other than being kept clean and fully charged.

The problem can occur only at higher temperatures where the maintenance-free battery may boil but the newer types now have pressure relief valves that work when the pressure becomes too high. The car batteries are pretty much the same, the changes were done in the terminals and size of the batteries.

Indications that your vehicle’s battery has to be replaced

Are you someone who is wondering, what is the right time to replace your car’s battery? For this, you need to check the condition of your car’s battery occasionally. Moreover, some common signs let you know when is the right time to replace it. But it can also die without providing you with any warning signals. Therefore it becomes really important to get your car’s battery checked at regular intervals. This can be done by hiring a skilled professional who will examine your car by doing certain tests to detect the actual cause. The best part is that car battery replacement at home is possible these days and you can even schedule appointments to get your car checked from time to time without leaving the comfort of your home! To make things easier, here’s a list of some points that will help you understand that your car battery needs to be replaced.

  1. Your car doesn’t commence

  2. If your car isn’t starting it is a clear indication that your battery is dead. But before getting it replaced try to jump-start your car. If it starts, drive the car for about an hour to recharge the battery. Try to restart your car after a few hours. If the car starts this means that the battery was discharged but if it doesn’t start then most probably you need to replace it.

  3. The flashing of the engine warning light

  4. The flashing of the engine’s warning light indicates that your engine is not able to start and it is required to replace the battery.

  5. The flashing of the battery warning light

  6. If the battery warning light flashes continuously on the dashboard it indicates the battery’s charging issue. It also indicates that the voltage produced by the alternator is very low.

  7. Residue on battery terminals

  8. The performance of the battery may get affected if its terminals are surrounded by some residue. As a proper electrical connection is needed for the battery to work correctly.

Moreover, even if you don’t notice any symptoms it is still possible for the battery to get drained overnight. This may happen if you leave the lights on or leave something plugged into the power outlet.

Why should I opt for car battery replacement at home?

You can cut some of the cost by replacing the battery yourself. But if you are busy and need the replacement Immediately then it is more sensible to utilise a mobile battery replacement service. Also, the dead battery can be a part of a bigger issue which can be checked by appropriate tests by highly skilled professionals. Therefore it is always recommended to have your car checked and repaired by the professionals. As the professionals not only decide what is wrong with the battery based on symptoms but test it to make sure it is dead.

How to hire a professional for car battery replacement at home?

  1. It becomes very important to choose a battery change service that is easily available, accessible, timely and affordable. So make a point to do your research before deciding on a service provider
  2. Make sure that the company not only offers great service but also has the right kind of battery for your car.
  3. Make sure to confirm that the car batteries offered by the company should be from renowned and reliable manufacturers and not locally manufactured batteries.
  4. You can hire professionals to work on your car at the convenience of your house through their conveniently located service centres. Car battery replacement at home is a smooth process as long as the batteries are in good condition and the professionals are skilled.
  5. Make sure to ask all your doubts and queries before deciding and once it’s done, they can come over to restore or replace the battery.
  6. Customer service is also an essential part of the process as the company needs to be in touch in case there is an issue with the car’s functioning after replacing the battery.
  7. Some companies also make sure that the old battery is recycled using an environment-friendly process so you don’t have to worry about disposing of it.
  8. Make sure that your car is parked in a clear space and the professional has easy access to it to make the car replacement process smooth and hassle-free.
  9. Last but not least, don’t forget to check the battery and drive around your car for a while as per the instructions of the mechanic to make sure everything is working as expected.

Hiring a skilled professional from a car battery change centre like Car Fit Experts has numerous advantages as compared to getting it done by yourself at home. As a car battery is the most important unit of a car. Moreover one needs to perform regular maintenance of the battery so that a situation that requires an emergency car battery replacement doesn’t arise. Plus a battery failure can create a stressful situation if you are on the road. A good battery change centre can be your one-stop destination for all your car battery requirements!