Tips to Care Your Car Battery when Not in Use

A battery is the heart of a car’s system. Without it, turning the car’s engine on becomes an impossible task, let alone driving the car. As essential as it is to upkeep the battery while the car is in regular use, it is equally or perhaps more important to take care of it off-road. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while storing your car’s battery for prolonged periods.

Get Your Battery Charged before Storage

A battery is prone to getting discharged during storage. This is because the vehicle’s interior mechanisms drain voltage out of the battery. If you know beforehand that the car would be left out at a place for a period of more than a month or two, it is an ideal practice to get the battery charged before storage. Since most people don’t have the knowledge and equipment, they can reach out to a reliable car battery service provider for the same.

Remove the Battery Beforehand

If you possess a basic knowledge about handling internal mechanisms of cars and own a toolkit, you can also try the option of removing the battery. This eliminates the risk of theft as well since car batteries get stolen a lot. You need to be more cautious about leaving your car out in the open if you have a new car battery.

But on the safe side, you should only remove the battery if you know how to do so and have a place where you can keep the battery without risking its health. Also, if you have no knowledge of electric circuits and detaching a battery, it is better get it done from a car battery service provider. Bearing in mind that batteries are basically heavy pieces of lead, they should be handled with utmost care.

Don’t Store the Car under Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures are not good for your car’s battery in any case. Just like the impact on everything else, the heat evaporates a battery’s essential acid and weakens its charge. Heat also corrodes the battery faster. On the other hand, extremely cold temperatures make it harder for the car’s ignition to work properly.

Storing your car in a garage is the best possible way to prevent any temperature damage. Even if you don’t own one, you should ensure to not keep your car under the sun or in cold places for extended periods.

Clean the Battery Regularly

People generally clean the car’s exterior surface but forget about the dust that goes in. That dust actually harms the car’s interiors, especially its battery. This is because the battery’s negative and positive terminals make that dust reactive to the point that the battery starts losing charge. Apart from that, the same dust corrodes the battery’s terminals.

You should use a simple cloth and a car cleaning liquid or a spray to clean the terminals. Make sure that everything dries out well after cleaning the terminals.

Get the Battery Checked by an Expert

When the moment comes for you to begin driving your car regularly, it is important to get the battery checked for power discharge. It happens frequently that we get to know about battery problems later than sooner.

Sometimes, the power drain becomes so large that the battery runs out while you are on the road and has to be replaced. To prevent such tragedies from occurring in your daily life, you should get your battery checked by a trusted car battery service provider like Car Fit Experts. As the leading car-care provider in the country, we offer battery check and replacement services that are hassle-free, safe, and fast. We even house 100% genuine, high-performance batteries from reputable brands like Amaron and Exide. You can book your new car battery online and we will come deliver it at your doorstep and if needs be, install it then and there!

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