Tips to Extract the Most Life Out of Your Amaron Car Battery

We all want our precious mechanical lady-love to run for extended periods without any glitches in performance; however, the question of the hour is, “Are we doing our due diligence to ensure that our cars are well taken care of?”

Among them all, a car’s battery is the most vital; it is the powerhouse of your car; without a high-performance battery, the car engine, air-conditioners, seat warmers, interior lighting, even headlights will cease to work. However, these comfort and safety features use a lot of energy. If used irresponsibly, they can push the battery to premature death.

To deal with power-intensive features effectively, rely on Amaron batteries. Because they hold a patented SilvenX Alloy technology, they last extraordinarily long. Perfect for all scenarios, these batteries are also available at reasonable Amaron battery prices.

Moreover, Amaron batteries can withstand severe temperature differentials. They can endure vehicular shocks and vibrations easily, no matter the road condition. Nonetheless, you can take preventative care measures to extend your battery life furthermore.

Use these tips to extract the best out of your Amaron car battery.

Clean and Fasten the Terminals Regularly

A maintenance-free and reliable investment, Amaron batteries are worth the Amaron battery price. But, batteries still need frequent checks and clean-ups. Fasten the two terminals of your car battery tightly to prevent battery leaks. A well-locked terminal will transfer the charges better than an unfastened one.

While Amaron car batteries do not require any specific checks, their terminals and wires do need an occasional inspection to function perfectly. You can use a solution of water and baking soda to clean your car battery terminals. However, if you notice corrosion – usually a greenish or white powdery substance deposited on either of the two terminals – do seek professional assistance.

Get the terminals cleaned by Car Fit Experts, India’s largest car-care and maintenance network. Moreover, you can also use a dry cloth once every month to remove dust or debris that may have settled on your Amaron battery.

Use Corrosion Spray

Never leave your Amaron car battery terminals uncoated once you clean them since uncoated terminals can lead to increased corrosion. In such a case, your Amaron battery’s health can deteriorate tremendously. Spray the battery terminals with a corrosion spray to prevent the accumulation of dirt or corrosion. Always make sure to use the spray once the terminals are secured appropriately.

Avoid Taking Frequent Short Trips with Your Car

Your car takes up a lot of battery juice to power itself while starting up. As a result, if you run the car for short periods, it may lead to insufficient charging, especially if the short trips are taken too often. You can preserve the power of your Amaron battery by driving it for longer periods and more frequently.

Understand Your Battery Type 

One of the highest-selling batteries in India, Amaron batteries are backed with cutting-edge technology. Currently, Amaron sells five types of car batteries, including Amaron Pro, Amaron Flo, Amaron Go, Amaron Black, and Amaron Fresh, all designed for diverse car models and available at affordable Amaron battery price.

To enjoy the most of your car battery, know which type of battery suits your car model the best. Check for Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) ratings, which indicate the battery’s ability to start an engine under icy weather conditions. The higher the CCA rating, the more is the ignition power of the battery under cold temperatures.

Cars with different make usually have distinct CCA ratings suggested by the manufacturer. Make sure to purchase an Amaron car battery with appropriate CCA ratings for your car model and enjoy smoother rides.

Refill Electrolytes

A significant benefit of Amaron car battery is that they are sealed. Unlike non-sealed batteries, you do not have to add distilled water frequently to replenish the electrolytes.

But since different cars have different needs, they require different types of car batteries. Some may need electrolytes to be refilled repeatedly; some may not. However, if your Amaron car battery is not sealed, make sure to check and refill distilled water regularly.

Check the Manufacturing Date

Always check the manufacturing date while buying an Amaron battery. Old batteries usually do not hold the charge necessary to power your car. As a result, you receive reduced output. To get the most out of your Amaron car battery, check the date stamp on the battery set. Always buy a battery which is not more than three months old from the date of manufacture.

While these maintenance tips can help you extract the most life out of your Amaron car battery, they are not to be mistaken as solutions for an already damaged car battery. If your battery is old and weak, seek professional help immediately.

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