Tips to Fix Common Car Battery Delivery & Installation Related Problems

A car battery forms the heart and soul of every vehicle. As the sole source of power and electricity, a battery assists in the single most important function of a car – driving. However, a car battery is not just responsible for driving. It also provides electricity to all your car lights – both internal and external and even provides power supply to charge mobile phones and other electronic gadgets on the go. The absence of a car battery or a faulty car battery typically renders the car dead as there is no power to start the engine. Hence, the battery must be duly taken care of so as to preserve and extend its life. And even though a car battery has an average life expectancy of 2 to 5 years, you can increase its utility through proper care.

But just as every other machinery, a car battery also reaches a point where it is past its prime time and must be replaced with a faster, better and much more powerful and efficient model that caters to your car’s needs effectively. In such situations, you may try and contact multiple car repair shops and search for batteries online only to get more confused. And if you choose a wrong car care shop for your battery replacement, you may wind up waiting for days or weeks for a simple battery or even end up with an improperly installed battery.

So, the next time you find yourself in a fix regarding car battery delivery and installation, contact AIS Car Fit Experts not just to avoid such unfortunate problems but also to rectify incorrect installation of your car battery. Wondering how AIS Car Fit Experts solves the problem of car battery delivery and installation? Read on to find out.

How to Fix Car Battery Selection Problems

Now before we discuss about issues related to car battery delivery and installation, let’s take a look at what can go wrong in the initial selection phase itself and how buyers can prevent such blunders. Different cars require different amounts of power from their car battery. While a luxurious SUV integrated with modern sensors and advanced technology may need a high-power battery, a hatchback may require a compact, compatible battery that provides it with the right amount of power. But when looking for a new car battery, most people make the mistake of trusting online user recommendations and fake ads which can cause them to pick out the wrong battery for their car.

That’s why AIS Car Fit Experts offers a quick car battery finder service online to help you purchase the best car battery in accordance with the needs of your car. Firstly, you select the brand of your car and the model. Next, you choose the brand of battery that you wish to purchase. Lastly, you enter in your state and city to complete the search. The battery finder then considers all the best batteries for your car through complex algorithms and voila, you have a list of the perfect batteries for your car at your disposal. The best part about it is that it offers premium-quality car batteries from Amaron and Exide – two leading car battery manufacturers.

Fixing Car Battery Delivery Problems

Even after knowing which battery to buy, several buyers face the problem of not having a sufficient amount of time in their busy schedule to head out and purchase the car battery of their choice. In such situations, they may place an order online for car batteries from random websites. However, these websites do not possess any proof authentication, time management for delivery and some may even dupe buyers with a faulty battery without warranty. AIS Car Fit Experts, on the other hand, offers 100% genuine world-class products that possess high cranking power, reasonable prices, long warranty assurance but most important of all, quick delivery. In fact, you can expect your new car battery to reach you within 3 to 4 working hours when you purchase it via AIS Car Fit Experts.

Fixing Car Battery Installation Problems

The final step in the process of car delivery and installation is the installation of the new car battery. While some buyers may choose to install their car battery by themselves to save time, others may rush to the nearest car repair shop for a quick fitting. However, a random repair shop does not guarantee proper installation and an ill-positioned battery can lead to battery displacement and short circuits, proving to be extremely harmful for the passengers.

To avoid such situations, Contact AIS Car Fit Experts for a quick and easy battery replacement procedure. We understand that you have busy schedules and so, we offer doorstep delivery and installation facilities designed for your convenience. We even offer up to 20% discount and free doorstep services on battery replacement upon purchase of car batteries from our certified partners – Exide and Amaron. Moreover, upon removal of the old, used battery before installation, we ensure its recycling via environment-friendly methods for sustaining the environment.

So, stop looking around for car batteries on questionable websites and get in touch AIS Car Fit Experts. Our skilled engineers and technicians offer exceptional car battery delivery and installation services and take care of battery repair and replacement to ensure that you enjoy a smooth driving experience.


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